monday 21/05/2012

Buying Uranus 21k send to private if u want to sell

Trading my Kiki Cr (full xp). Top of my wish list is DJ Korr Cr and will consider those offers first. Will consider all serious offers.

PM for faster response.

I also have clintz or other cards that can make up the difference instead of Neelie.

Looking for: Miss Twice Cr

Giving away Copper Hawk Cortez and Spyke (1 each) and clintz for the price difference

*PM only pleasesmiley

Close, we made the deal smiley

Im looking to trade my caelus cr and jackie cr both 0exp for a stright trade

im lloking for

seldnor cr + diyo cr + nahi cr


jim cr + seldnor cr

pm me to trade

sunday 20/05/2012

I looking for 1,5m or cr's playables
tanks mods smiley

Sorry my english is very,very bad
change mi elya 0 exp for your elya full + complement in card´s or clints

thanks mods smiley

8 jackie cr 0xp + 1caelus cr + 1 blaaster cr 0xp

31 Veenyle Cr for lamar cr

In Clint's I offer 243k for 0xp

You wanna sell blaaster? if so how much?

I wanna buy a dorain at 12k pm if u are willy to sell me

Daily bump untill I get Generalsmiley

Lets trade

For 20k clintz plus mona negotiable. pm if interested smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Updated list:

Ghumbo = 19k
Kolos = 57k
Ahkab = 13k
Raeth x2 = 14k
Michael = 28k
Shaakarti = 22k

Total = 153,000

Still looking

Hello I'm seeking Guru cr for 10mil

I offer: Clint's roughly 4.8mil
Lamar cr
Terry cr
Chikko cr
Diyo cr
Kreen cr
Veenyle cr
Amirel py cr
Jane ramba x2
Edd cr x2 1 0xp
Cassio cr
Marco cr
Page cr
Noodile cr x8
Heegrn cr

Plus many many other cards like cortez Dregn kolos ongh etc to name a few.

Pm me for faster response

Ty mods smiley

Deadline is Friday, May 25th at 6pm eastern time

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