tuesday 03/07/2012

Forgot to mention 0 XP.

No longer have tessa cr full smiley

I OFFER ALSO 12000 clintz for a SaH Brinak 0 xp (only)

monday 02/07/2012

I'm searching for 50 Michael 0xp I also accept trades including Wardom 0xp or Kuei 0xp if there are not enought Michaels smiley

the cards I can offer (price for one):
3x GraksmxxT full (61k)
50x Logan 0xp (2,9k)
3x Tanaereva Cr full (255-260k)
2x Charlie 0xp (50k)
3x Kolos 0xp (60k)
2x Ongh 0xp (42k)

pm me if you have an interesting offer for me smiley

I want robb cr and 15k not 35k i hit 'the wrong number

I am also interested in Logan (slots slots slots slots slots slots slots EVERYBODY) yeh i won at slots 2500 for Manfred 2500 for Logan 5000 for both !!

Close and delete please...

miss twice cr now gone

zerks gone

rescue gone

advert now invalid

With the recent rise in price of Caelus Cr ... I think you should have no trouble finding a Scralett Cr ....good luck buddy smiley

Trading with kalindra and sah brinak

drop me a mail to negotiate =)

Got a spare sammy, owen and kama...

got any other clans you use as looking to trade for hammer and striker so would need to add something obviously since the 3 spare come to about 6/7k and striker / hammer are in the teens

Miss twice now traded.

please close and delete.

thank you in advance mods and FO

1. Price is mark to market I agree
2. I have over 400 Lucy at one point, sold most full @ 4500 and 0 xp @ 4800, this is my last lot
3. Lucy is at average 4200-4300 these few days

Anyway...I will leave it to real buyers...very tired of people just leaving message saying it doesn't worth that much blablabla but every time I traded my cards...same as my Guru...same as my Lao...

sunday 01/07/2012

You mean 50 lena 0xp smiley

50 lena 0xp 90 000 clintz
1 oxp kolos 54 00 clintz
20000 clintz
and 1 jayoi 30 000 clintz
makes it 194k
send this to me and i will give you a jackie cr 0xp + 4k smiley

and jackie cr 0 xp is yours smiley

Looking for higher value All star
I have for trade 28 Qorah 0xp
2 Yoshida 0xp

My offer

..and more!! Feel free to ask!!!

I´m looking for Miss Twice Cr and Jackie Cr. My entire offer exceed the value of these two combine, so you bundle in a lower-end Cr such as Jane Ramba Cr or Edd Cr to compliment the deal. If there´s still is a difference in your favor, I´ll will compliment with more cards or clintz.

I need Charlie at 48k clints.
I've got 48 k clints in cards skeelz
Contact me in Mp

I can sell u my kolos for 60,000

Marco Cr has really high possibilities for price increase, since he's just sorta new cr, and , well, quality. But I dont need him. I would really like to complete my fang pi clang clan with tsubame.

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