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tuesday 07/08/2012

Mooooooooooooonnn!!!! smiley

maybe he means he'd like from that list.... hopefully smiley

I like offers that include, sammy, cutey, benico and mikaal for my caelus cr's 0xp and kerozinn cr.


Yes the picture looks good smiley

still looking.smiley

Will give 15k and a Caelus for each Jackie, Have a Caelus 0 xp aswell, will add 5k.
Also have 2 Tessa Cr's Will take 6 jackies for each.

I accept tanareva cr ( 370 k )

I now only have a vickie cr and am looking for all playable cards in t2 like graks kolos jackie tanman etc.

Done. Close this subject! Tanks!

Loooking for tanman + jackie + weelee + dorian+zatman + hikousan + cash for vickie cr

Update miss twice cr is 340
vermyn n is 27
and blaaster cr is 180

so those two and 140k in cash

pm for quick reply

Lookng to trade
my Dregn (full, 64 000)
Shaakarti (full, 30 000) +Dagg (full, 28 000) +Mix of following:
Please PM me. Thanks.

Selling my marco cr 65000
or trading for zatman and dalhia

Trading 57 Edd Cr full exp for a Marlysa Cr any exp

Post here or pm me to complete the trade.

Thanks Mods/Forum Operators smiley

monday 06/08/2012

Also looking for piranas smiley

And lookin for dorian and zatman and the strong uppers

Seeking 6 caelus Cr's per Tessa, will take 6 jackies and add 80k.

Vickie cr?

I change my
vermin n into 94 Globumm
Ambre into 68 Globumm
Ghumbo into 70 Globumm
Louise into 63

quite negotiable Globumm

moderating graces

I have to trade :
50 nellie full 6k / each
50 lehane 0 xp / 6,5k / each
100 pan 0 xp 2,5k / each
100 desmond 0 xp 2k / each

I like cash and , alec cr , smokey cr
Tanks mod smileysmileysmiley

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