wednesday 09/05/2012

I change it for 950 kalone for these cards: tanaereva cr,caelus cr,jackie cr,dregn kolos and edd cr = 650 K +350k in cash or other cards . thanx mod and fo

Hi, im trading or selling these cards in bulk, Mostly looking for clintz, but if not large crs please.

100 Gordon (30 0exp) 95 000 For all.
100 Miho (52 0exp) 50 000 For all.
90 Snowflake (35 0exp) 62 000 for all.

These are the cards i am currently selling,
Thanks mods.

Done. Closing thread now.

How much would you value each desmond 0xp ? I can offer you all 50

Will trade 26 Ronald from Jungo and 4200 clintz for it. Ronald bottom 3 clintz prices are 1350, 1400, and 1498. After that next grouping is at 1500.
Let me know as soon as possible

Also looking for Dagg, Charlie, and any other good vortex cards.

All done! Thanks!

Muito Obrigado!!!

Blaaster cr 0xp for desmonds

tuesday 08/05/2012

I will trade numar for u. Pm me if u interested smiley

Now price it already offer smiley

Basically selling my Cortez and Tsubame message me any offers

I've completed my trade. Thanks for the posts. Closing Thread smiley

Willingly to Trade: Baldovino, Boris, Oren, Rhyno, Baba, Coleride,Cyan, Ector, Greesh, Hawkins Noel, Kristin, Puff, Sliman, Taljion, Jeena, and Rosen

Want:Glorg, Oshitsune, Nistarok, Azgroth, Ielena,

Already sold A Award cr tks o

I have 70 copies of Krash(full) that i am looking to trade or sell. If i am selling them i would like 200 each. I am very open to any trades, i value each krash between 190 and 195 for trades. PM me if interested.


Mods Please close this thread tq.

Sorry for my inactivity. I made a large trade so a lot of cards are gone now. I will open a new thread.

Ill add a cortez

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