sunday 01/07/2012

Well..usually 0xp is worth more than full cards..
but if you think full is worth more and if y post me a decent offer I do not mind to lv up for you smiley

The title says it all:
my Geuner 0xp for Kalindra plus 10k clintz.
Open to Negotiation, pm me.

Manon Cr 0xp for your Tessa Cr Vickie Cr Tanaereva Cr Splata Cr Lamar Cr fullxp. anyone interested pm me. thanks smiley or 3.4m

I have:
500, 000 clintz
2x Caelus Cr 0xp
2x Blaaster Cr 0xp
3x Edd Cr 0xp
2x Noodile Cr 0xp

Let me know what you would want from the above list in return for your Vickie

Still looking smiley

Got 95 copies of Kusuri.
All of them are 2*.

I value them at 3.5k per copy.
Looking for playable Collectors, Sah Brinak.

PM me if interested WITH your offers smiley

I'll buy it off you for 170,000 str8 clints, pm me if your interested!

3. 90 Kinjo 0 xp = 4550 / head

saturday 30/06/2012

Lol... And this goes up day I dump all my NB doublers ( heavy frozn including multiple mikaal, anuqqa, kalindra etc ) on market...

I'll pass link on to the others collectors in my guild.

GL smiley

I would like a Lovhak for under the market price. If you have an offer please PM me!

Still looking for an alec

Sorry but these prices are way to high noone will pay this they can get it much cheaper on the market

I buy
yayoi for 26k
Charlie for 47k
I propose cards skeelz
contact me in mp

Im looking for splata vickie tanaevera lamar tessa kerozin cortez spyke jay

Market price now: 1.395.000 clitnz
PM me for deals smiley looking for cash and some cr like edd smiley

I wanna trade my armanda cr, i value her 2.2m.

I'm searching for cr's and cash, I'm NOT interested in bulks.

Thank mod e fo

I will buy your Vince for 900 clintz

I need a Niqiloda. It would be great if someone could give me 'em for around 250-315 clintz. Please PM me if you have an offer.

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