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monday 06/08/2012

Yea, I think is Caelus Cr though

Gone. Close this pls. Thank you.

Hello, i trade my sigmund cr 0 exp by 800k

everything is negotiable


They are worth 18.000 together
1 is worth 700 clintz eachsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
will accept any nearest offers

Trade my elya cr full and graks 0xp
your lamar cr
PM if interested


Do u ask for this ? smiley

I wish .... 1.5 million in cash and 1 million cards in various

Lol... price dropped like a stone....

please close mods... i don't have enough spre to compliment a 200k price gap just now

I price page cr at 180.000 clintz i will accept nearest offer

Her price is raising and herartwork is amazing
Drawn by solail
part of the roots

I have 70,000 will anyone sell me kalindra?

Roll - - Titan - UTOPiA
Today at 19:12
The real price is 2.3M

Buy one for 2,3M and sell for me smileysmiley

Im buying general cr for 4,6 million and 30 jackie cr ;]

Lol smiley how 'bout marco for Tsubame>?

I've got all the rescue characters, and i would like to trade them for jungo, vortex, nightmare, sentenel, or junkz characters. I hope to find a good deal for both of us : )

Will buy multiples of each pm me. WIll go a few % under the market value.

Diyo Cr+ Marco Cr + 0xp Cutey + 4k

sunday 05/08/2012


Can offer 5 jackies for tessa

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