wednesday 06/06/2012

Thx artemissmiley

i already sold the card
thx mods and can close thissmiley

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tuesday 05/06/2012

As the title says, I'm looking for GraksmxxT and in exchange I'm giving my Kolos.

Plz send me a secure trade if interested. Thx a lot.

I have alot of 0xp cards alot of which i plan on trying to get the maxed form of
heres how you help me
we trade my 0xp card for your maxed version + a clintz compliment
I have

Those are the only ones i have worth mentioning
To be clear i have those 0XP and im looking for them maxed

Thank you mods.

Im looking to trade my 3 Michael, 2 are full xp and 1 is 0xp.

Im looking for Bangers, Rescue, Junta, Junkz, Ulu Wata Robb Cr, Cortez, Jay, Dorian and Cody.

Im not interested in cards that are currently permanently banned in Elo and I am not interested in more than one copy of any particular card.

Im willing to trade all three of the Michael together or piece by piece.

PM with offers or questions.

I wana make a new deck but need clints can any one help me out i have these cards to sell/trade i think i wana make and allstar pack the cards i have are Bangers: Kevin Kluwn MC Decay and Naykee.... Fang Pi : Endo Sayura Yu Mei and Zinfrid and i also have 2 Vortex : Cyb Lhia and Drorb all cards together are worth a lil over 7000 clints msg me if interested im looking to sell them all at once or each clan separate thanks im looking for allstars cards to trade

Correction I think my phone autocorrected should say "loseing it" not listing thanks mods

I buy this card for 200k no more.. thanx mod

Lot 7 4 heegrn 0 xp + 1 heegrn full (60k)

Looking to trade my Guru Cr for your Lyse Teria Cr plus a complement. I wish to play Lyse, so prefer full xp.

Please pm me your offers


Hello, I would like to buy draheera for 9000 clintz.
If you are interested PM me smiley

Looking for Crs: Vickie Cr or Jackie Cr or Tanaereva Cr especially might consider other Cr's.

Value of collection: around 750k

Including: Berzerk Piranas

And some Vortex and All Stars

I will try to include a higher value of my collection for these Cr's.

Please PM me for more info.

thanks smiley


Im looking for your 0exp berzerk
im looking for
norman 0exp 1K each
kawamashi 0exp 950 each
melanie 0exp 1450 each
beef full 3500 each 0exp 3700 each

i offer
marco cr 0exp
2x smokey cr 0exp

pm me with offers, thank you mods

Ok then, give me the compliments you want and if l have them.

I will give away my Cortez for Charlie and 20 k secure trade lets go

monday 04/06/2012

I trade my general cr full for 12m i am interested in:

Guru cr +1,8M(in cr o cash)
Crs with: jane ramba cr 0 exp(40k)marlysa cr(2m),vickie cr(560k) kerozin cr(420k)blaaster cr 85k) etc.
My general cr + splata cr + kerozinn cr for kiki cr.


Vickie Cr + Caelus Cr + 2 olga?


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