thursday 28/06/2012

Trading my entire pussycat collection (Everything but the Cr's) for All Berzerk clan or Kalindra +Kortez am excepting other offers smiley

Got him. mods plz close

wednesday 27/06/2012

Go buy Krung Deea Lovhak and Quorah on the market
or save up for C Beast or Oflgn

Thats a great deal 1000 cards someone should jump on this if they have the funds smiley

Also accepting vickie cr

How much do you want for Zhu Tang?

Now i have 2 0exp michael for trade for two full +compliment or a trade for both

You will have a problem here, to get the card you will have to offer that and cards to equal market price. Because why would someone settle for less when they can actually have market value? If you are looking for a good deal then you should probably go to the guild message board and post saying that you only have 45,000 to offfer ; then perhaps a friend or generous member will hook you up.

if you have General CR in your collection and you are interested in trading it - please let me know !

I offer Guru CR for it + complement ...


Would be open for other trades as well.

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Vickie cr 0xp 720k interested send me PM smiley

And in your opinion, who spend 570k For Lamar, thinking that will pay 18k of taxes? smiley

However, I sold it.
Tanaereva Cr + 320k.

I can Close.

tuesday 26/06/2012

Looking to trade my Dalhia full xp for Copper full xp.

46 heegrn cr (17k)
5 jane ramba cr (37k) 1 are 2* 4 are full
4 marco cr (50k) 1 are 4* with 3450 xp and 3 full
i accept cards,cr and cash

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