thursday 03/05/2012

HI! I´m trading my cards:

Lote Mantiz x 20
Wee Lee...

and more for Hawkins!!!I should not need to clarify that I´m trade all these card out, just enough cards needed to match Hawkins price.

Thanx Mods!

Most of my Jungo cards are max level, I don't need the Berzerk to be max level though. Just send me a trade and I will get to it as soon as I can.

wednesday 02/05/2012

Pm me for a simple enough trade. If you want a few thousand clintz on top to compensate for a 0 xp then I can throw that in toosmiley

P.S, now I`m adding La Junta and Fang Pi to my list. I`m not sure yet what I want from them just want to change my deck

Hey, still needing offers.

Ok , marlysa is at me .

No need to looking for her.

Cheers all , and thanks mods for this post. smiley

Got him

Each 6800 .. Fery very much Unfair smiley

Ok for 0xp I can give 16k + Rosa smiley

Your offer is still below mine.That useless cards you're trading only have collection purpose smiley

Ok i will and i have boris.smiley

I wish my collection was even near Guru cr 's Price smiley

Jane ramba cr for x-0dus
message me for faster response

Cancel that. i'm not buying your selma anymore. thanks.

I'm going to sell my haze full xp for 10550

400 ector 325 ctz each
for caelus 0xp

34 selina 0xp 5.5k each
for Beltran Cr 0xp or other jackie cr 0xp +comp

5 Blaaster 0xp 100k each for
Vickie cr

How much for Yoshida alone?

Good offer uprailz but not suficient!!smileysmiley

tuesday 01/05/2012

I want trade all of my Jungo cards for a full Berzerk set. Hit me up if you are interested. Full sets only please as mine is complete.

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