friday 22/06/2012

Kenny and chaira for 20k smiley

I just bought a titanium pack and have a bunch of cards i could give for her please help

All that is left is 17 0xp Magenta

My caelus cr 0 xp for your caelus full +15000 or say how much for it

I have:
2 yoshidas 0xp (15000)
2 heegrn 0xp (32000)
1 spike 0 xp (24000)
4 Benicio 0xp(5000)
2 Randal 0 xp (3000)
2 Sammy 0 xp (5500)
1 Maurice 0xp (6500)
2 Rhyno 0 xp (7000)
1 Michael 0xp (13000)
1 Dregn full (50000)
1 Olga 0xp

Update my 0xp cards include :-

Sum sam cr
Flavio cr
Rass cr
A Award cr
Beltran cr

Im not looking for much of a compliment for the cards just smething to take them away, id hate to see someone like me waste them by leveling them x


It's done :b
Thanks Mods smiley

I trade my shawoman cr +100k for Tessa cr + lamar cr + Splata cr + Kerozinn cr

100k negotiable

I trade 3 wakai for taylor

im up for negotiations

thx mod

Its done smiley
thankyou mods smiley

My Tanaereva Cr 0xp + 19009 clintz for Reine Cr + Diego.

Oh yeah !! my bad its been a year that i left and i forgot how the prices did rise since then
dont take my price in consideration or rather give me your estimation

I have to trade :
50 nellie 0 xp smiley
100 pan 0 xp smiley
i acepet : jackie cr , tanaereva cr , alec cr
Tanks and kiss smiley

Hi all

I trade my Aldebaran Cr full xp

I search for playable CRs (included jim cr and a award cr). I fix my price in 1.050k for aldebaran

SO, make your offers!

thank you

thursday 21/06/2012


2x Buck 0xp: 7800 each
1x Hikiyousan 0xp: 16500 each
1x Wee lee 0xp: 16500 each
1x Petra 0xp: 8000 each
1x Karayan 0xp: 6200 each
1x Linda 0xp: 2500 each

Done, thanks!

My card's full xp, i need Kerozin Cr full xp

All done, thanks mods

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