saturday 28/04/2012

PM or leave message here smiley Straight up trade, do not want any other cards for them

Your stacey for my neil, lena, and tremorh.
if you want other offers PM me so we can work out a deal

Thanks MODS.

Gil just find it

I have 9 0 exp, 2 mixed exp and. 41 full exp. Looking for about 310 a head and I'd prefer to trade them for 1 big card like emeth but I'm open to all offers.

Means i will sell them each for the market value.....

I will trade my swidz (250k) = 1 jackie CR (148k) + 2 kolos (96k) or 2 jackie CR

Bumping this
Got a lot of offers Via PM

Still need Diana Stacey Greem Eloxia Charlie Michael

Pending on Sasha Elvis Chiara Taylor due to trade

No more Marco Cr. Sum Sam Cr is 0exp.

friday 27/04/2012

Add this cards to the list:
Veenyle Cr

Cassio cr 100k each all 0xp diyo cr 90k each all 0xp

[ Trade ]
25 ( Full xp ) Jeff
4 ( 0xp ) Jeff's

I am Looking for Jimmy 's type of card smiley

Alexei 875, Bhudd 499, Dallas 2598, Loretta 290, Kimberley 348, Randy 999. i'm expecting cash more than the trades. will take even trades of skeelz, la junta, junktz, fpc, and maybe vortez. i will tell you what i do or don't have whn you pm me or post here.

You already made a similar thread, please use it smiley

Pls close ty


I have Miss Twice Cr + Jackie Cr + Blaaster Cr for Lamar Cr


My offer for your Marlysa Cr:

All Stars:
Marina 17000
Robb Cr 57850

Ongh 38300

Wardom 15300

Edd Cr 30200
Mona 25200
Vickie Cr 507500

Ghumbo 19300
Karrion 16000
Kenny 15000

Bloodh full xp 16500
Bloodh 0 xp 17500
Dalhia full xp 30500
Dalhia 0xp 31500
Hawkins 22500
Smokey Cr 55000

Charlie 40000

Aurora 15200

2 Noodile Cr full xp: 31500

Uranus 19000
GraksmxxT 52000

Coby 19000

Ulu Watu:
Numar 52500

Jackie Cr 164000
Zatman 22700

Dagg 26000
Dregn 49000
X-0dus 37000

+205 000 clintz

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