friday 22/06/2012

I have to trade :
50 nellie 0 xp smiley
100 pan 0 xp smiley
i acepet : jackie cr , tanaereva cr , alec cr
Tanks and kiss smiley

Hi all

I trade my Aldebaran Cr full xp

I search for playable CRs (included jim cr and a award cr). I fix my price in 1.050k for aldebaran

SO, make your offers!

thank you

thursday 21/06/2012


2x Buck 0xp: 7800 each
1x Hikiyousan 0xp: 16500 each
1x Wee lee 0xp: 16500 each
1x Petra 0xp: 8000 each
1x Karayan 0xp: 6200 each
1x Linda 0xp: 2500 each

Done, thanks!

My card's full xp, i need Kerozin Cr full xp

All done, thanks mods

As I said: I give my Kerozinn Cr 0xp for Kerozinn Cr full + complement (45k) negociable

You can close it, I'll open a new topic

Hi, i give 200 Terry Cr + 100 Chikko Cr to get a Sum Sam Cr.

The 300 cards are full xp, i don't care about the sum sam cr 's xp.

Contact me here or by pm.

I know you can just say currently he is worth blah blah

Looking for caelus cr

I have:
2 yoshidas 0xp (15000)
2 heegrn 0xp (32000)
1 spike 0 xp (24000)
4 Benicio 0xp(5000)
2 Randal 0 xp (3000)
2 Sammy 0 xp (5500)
1 Maurice 0xp (6500)
2 Rhyno 0 xp (7000)
1 Michael 0xp (13500)
1 dregn full (50800)

If caelus cr is 0 xp, i´ll add 2000 clintz, if not you add 1000 clintz

What will you give me for gil, eebiza, fuzz, jiro, and perle?

What price will you give me for combination. I want them all, and would like to buy them all at the same time

Looking for something about equally priced and playable like Selsya Cr or Beltran Cr or Jim Cr
could also consider less playable Dwain Cr or A Award Cr

make offers here. details can be discussed in PM

thanks mods!

Hello I am trying to get rid of my Edd Crs, I value them at 27000 a piece if sold or 27500 a piece if traded. All reasonable offers considered. smiley

Thank you for your time

I would like to buy Nahi Cr for 180000 (negotiable)
PM to negotiate

Still looking

I'll give you 75k

Look at markt and get 100 heegren under 14.5 k not possible

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