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monday 17/02

Hello i looking for Molusko 700 each thx smiley

sunday 16/02

Trading NEMO MT for Crs worth 4m


List of collectors I want:
Aldebaran Cr x1 (650k) 0xp
Ombre Cr x1 (950k) 0xp
Berserkgirl Cr x2 (720k) 0xp
Miss Twice Cr x1 (1m) 0xp

List of mythics i have:
Graksmxxt Mt x1 (1.1m) 0 xp
Dregn Mt x2 (1.1m) full xp
Lizbeth Mt x3 (1.45m) 0xp
Pericles Mt x1 (1.1m) full xp

I sell memento , talk to me for anymore informations

Your Splata Cr for 2.5 mil.

I also have unneeded Elya Cr to offer. We can do my Elya Cr plus clintz for your Splata Cr .

3600k. Thank you smiley

Hi. I'm looking for Merweiss Cr full xp (1.5M)
I have the following for trade. Full xp unless noted.

Zlatar Cr 104k
Nobrocybix Cr 0 xp 106k
Globumm Cr 0 xp 108k
Lin Bee Cr 104k
Flo Cr 112k
Amiral Py Cr 0 xp 110k
Terry Cr 130k
Melissa Cr 0 xp 350k
This totals 1.124M clintz. I can give the difference in clintz.

Hi there, I wanna trade my Kalindra for Aldebaran CR, Rass CR and Ongh CR. PM me for trade. In case you wanna add cash for CRs you dont have also can.

saturday 15/02

Hi, trading my Miss Twice Cr 0xp (1M) for Dwain Cr + Beltran Cr + Thaumaturge Cr, any exp and valued 1M in total.

Contact me via pm if interested! smiley

Would like smokey, Caelus, sylth and ong. Williams g to negotiate

Update: Additional amount of clintz on top reduced down to 1.5m for now.

Edit: Offer of clintz upped to 1.5m

friday 14/02

Im trading just like title reads
Complement il give can be cards or clintz
Market prices please
Thanks for reading

Trade done with Zi0n-Dzeiri for Emeth Cr and Kalindra Cr smiley Thank you.

thursday 13/02

Il add to this list
Beeboy Cr for a 35 k complement
y Cooper Cr for a 40 k complement

Rhizom, azgroth,, crowen 7k/t

i have 90 rhizom 0xp and 100 azgroth 0xp, i want crowen 0xp


Looking for the following in 0 xp for trade:

Rowdy Cr
Marco Cr
Skullface Cr
Emeth Cr
Aldebaran Cr
Jim Cr
Berserkgirl Cr
N’Dololo Cr
Armanda Cr
Kalindra Cr

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