sunday 04/08

You can't buy Memento in private sale because you aren't level 150. You can buy it just in the app on public market.


saturday 03/08

Forgot to add she's at 0 XP

Functionality doesn't exist in the App yet. Hopefully soon!!

friday 02/08

Hello everyone!

I would like to trade my Guru Cr 0XP and Dalhia Cr 0xp for Cannibal Jo Cr (0xp or full xp)
I am willing to trade trough Private Sale (VP) or Secure Trade (ES).

thursday 01/08

Trade has been completed. Admin, please lock this thread.

Hi! I'm selling my Nahi Cr 0 Exp for about 850000 or more. Price is negotiable. Interested pls PM me.

3 Pedro and 3 Zlabal sold

wednesday 31/07

Trade has been completed. Please close this thread. Thank you!

Sale has ended. You’re welcome to everybody who participated. smiley

Getting rid of some of my doubles.
Might accept cards as trade , cr or mt only.

x1 Jackie Cr 0 exp ~1.2 kk
x1 Mokra full exp - 120k
x1 Oriold full exp - 100k
x1 #Vermin N full exp - 40k
x1 VeeXn 0 3xp - 60k
x3 Skyler full exp -10k ea


As mentioned by the previous comment, I think a valuation of Rass Cr from your end helps players know what is an appropriate suggestion in your point of view.

As it is a trade, I suggest you also name at least 1 card you are looking for and their valuations to help give a trade suggestion.

Best of luck for the trade.

tuesday 30/07

I have a Armanda Cr 0 Exp and would like to have 16 Captain Rescue 0 Exp smiley

How about it?

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