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thursday 30/04

450k cash im ok

@ supa umaru what? I put wierd numbers for prices all the time lol but I never undercut by 1 Clint.

@morten I'm glad to know I'm not the only one smiley

I have 10 M2 Sansot for sale/trade. PM me offers.

2 B Mappe Cr and Merweiss Cr sold
New Price
Memento 1M4
8 Kalindra Cr 0xp 750k/t
2 Kalindra Cr full xp 700k/t

Hello i'm selling or trading 125x Ongh Cr 0xp, send your offers in private thx

wednesday 29/04


Well thanks to the black market everything seems to be gone. You can close this thread, thanks staff. =D

+7 Death adder 0xp.
----> 34 Death Adder 0xp ---> 16M320

I've got 7 copies of Death Adder 0exp. PM me offers.

MyVolkan Cr (2.65M) for B Mappe Cr(2.2M)+ compliment
0xp for 0xp
Full for full
Looking for 1 copy

Both are 0XP. Willing to take trades with the majority paid in clintz. I'll consider bundle deals but single sale is what I'm looking to do. PM Me

0XP Lizbeth MT for 1.2M clintz.

tuesday 28/04

Hello everyone. I am interested in changing my Robert Cobb full XP for some CR's, I don't care about their XP.
I am mainly interested in:
Sledg CR - 110K
Boomstock CR - 106K
Veenyle CR - 108K
Eddie CR - 122K
Although it could also interest me if it is to complete in a batch the value difference Lin Bee CR (106K), Mona CR (225K) or Pr Cushing CR (160K)
I would accept clintzs to get the price but I prefer cards, I could complete myself with some other medium value card from the same clan that I have various copies to close a pack like MR Big Duke (35K) or Solomon (23K). I attend all the options both here and by MP. Thanks and greetings!


Looking for:
Dragan Mt (16.5M)

I offer:
Dj Korr Cr 0xp (10M)
Kiki Cr 0xp (6.2M)

One more Cannibal 0xp for sale.

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