wednesday 03/04

tuesday 02/04

Send me your offer. Thanks

Thaumaturge CR 0xp:685k
Dwain CR 0xp:660k
No love 0xp: 2,2m
Selsya CR Full:980k
Lady Full:230k
Boris CR Full:175k
Blood CR Full: 175k
Veenyle CR Full: 145k
X5 Mokra Full 125k/u

I Buy Aldebaram Cr Payment 1.9M. Since Jah Thank you.

monday 01/04

Bought one!

400k/ea. send direct in private sales, don't pm me please smiley

Still looking for kiki cr, any xp

with cannibal jo cr 0xp still available to trade


I have a Spyke MT 0xp and I wanna trade it for Quetzal CR 0xp and 150k. Negotiable and willing to hear offers.

Nice insight Rowdy. Totally agree understand now the ban on Nemo Mt.
But, i still can't decide on who to aim for between them.
Nemo Mt is good since it's ELO playable and it won't be reprinted again (limited stock), a well as MT status for points.
# Xantiax Robb Cr however will ensure me DT wins with fast KOs. I play only Rescue in DTs though.

I only got 65% of the collection. Buying one of these will really set me back considering that there is a new clan coming on May. Decisions, decisions, decisions.... my oh my...

Raine cr 0xp

sunday 31/03

Please include what you value the card at.

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