sunday 31/03

Trade my Vickie Cr 0xp (5,4m) for your Vickie CR full(5.1m)+add

saturday 30/03


Up up up
Still searching!!!

Update. 90 SpartaK left, value 19k
Also looking for Elya Cr 3.7 mil

friday 29/03


1,3M cash

There are methods that can work as an insurance if you are worried about someone backing from a deal.

You and the other player can agree to have a Moderator act as a Middleman for the deal. This is a last resort if you have issues with trading directly to the player.

1. Both players must agree to the middleman first. If one player has an issue with them, you have to use a different Moderator until both of you agree or decide not to trade with each other.

2. In this case, both you and the other player must send the same Moderator a PM on what they are supposed to send to the other player and what they are supposed to receive.

3. In this case, a Moderator will not buy the cards from their PS if BOTH players have not put the cards in.

4. A Moderator can ask queries if there is some issue between what is in their PS and what is mentioned in the PM as a consistency check.

5. Once a Moderator receives the cards, they will send it to the other player as instructed by the PM from both players.

Worst case scenario is that the Moderator is unable to help and it is as you said, you cannot get your card back. This can be managed by contacting Customer Support and identifying the player who scammed you. Do not identify it in a public forum as it will make things harder.

A player caught scamming another player for cards by not meeting their trading obligations is subject to blacklist and potentially having their market blocked.

There are cases of sales being reversed by Admins from what I heard if proven to be a scam or fraudulent. When a sale is reversed, you get the cards back.

Regarding the previous comment:
While a Moderator can be referred to, we do not exactly have the tools to get back cards or reverse sales immediately.
We can refer you to customer support, but the least we can do is take action against the player who scammed you by issuing a blacklist or talking about the issue with them.
What actually happens is Customer Support then reverses the sales to get back your cards or recover them.

Rarely happens though.

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Im buying Guru Cr on 16m(normal price)

I’ve got this characters and wants any offer but no lots(copies):

Ratanah Mt 840k
Boris Cr 225k
Grudj CR-115k
Sasl Lovelace-110k
Byron 0xp-130k
Mokra 0xp-165k

I have Vickie Cr 0xp(valuated on 5,4m)for the full and some complement(s)

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thursday 28/03

Schredders sold, thread closing.

I have these characters and Im looking for any type of offers (no Lots):
Cassio Cr 0xp 640k
Ratanah Mt 850k
SpYke MT 790k
Boris Cr 225k
Rowdy Cr 295k
Sobek 0xp 440k
#Vickey CR 0xp 5.2M
Grudj CR-115k
Sasl Lovelace-110k
Byron 0xp-130k
Zoe 0xp-140k
Mokra 0xp-165k
Pr Cushing CR-660k
No Love 0xp-2.47m
Kalindra CR-2.25m
Ymirah CR 0xp-2.55m

Is that Gootecks?

wednesday 27/03

Sorry, I really dont want to trade the big 5 as I am trying to complete my collection.

I have obtained Jim.

I only need:
Kiki Cr 14.6M
Elya Cr 3M

It s already on market for 14.000.000 Clintz.
Waiting for offer

If u wanna grab it fast, its at the market in case my deal here fails

Im looking for this cards i want any offer but not lots:
Blaaster Cr 1.4m
Cassio Cr 0xp 650k
Elya Cr 3.4k
Emeth Cr 880k
Ratanah Mt 870k
Spyke Mt 870k
Lizbeth Cr 880k
Boris Cr 230k
Marco Cr 0xp 440k
Rowdy Cr 315k
Sobek 0xp 440k
#Vicky CR 0xp (offers)

Hi, I buy William 0xp for 3k/each, directly in my ps smiley thx

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