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tuesday 28/04

One more Cannibal 0xp for sale.

Hello I'm selling the new MT

Looking for

Ongh Cr

Pm me if interested

Also have a few non cr bigs if none of that floats jour goat; all 0xp smiley

3 akkrak
4 rage
3death adder
5 moukrok
4 bahari
2 kuwaka
1 cortez
1 robert cobb
2 tormentah
3 goure
2 hawk
1 ramath lmao smileysmiley
3 maximus

Prices negotiable and all that good mess, lemme kno so we can make a deal smiley

monday 27/04

As title, i want to exchange my copy of DJ Korr Cr 0 xp (10 M). I'm searching only the following cards (any xp):

-Kerozinn Mt 5.5 M
-Dounia Mt 2.9 M
-Smokey Mt 2 M

Total=10.4 M. The difference in clintz (200k) and 2 small crs (Ielena Cr, Corvus Cr, etc.)

20m 400k market :')

try to sell for 18m at least mb someone buy it....

I want to trade my two Tanaereva MT 0xp for 1 Guru CR. I have other cards if you aren't interested in the Tanman, but this would be the simplest trade. Post here or PM me.

Would be willing to give trade my 2 Sum Sam cr + Smokey Mt + Spiaghi Mt + Kalindra Cr + Nahi Cr + Kinichaw Cr x2 + boomstock Cr + Ombre Cr + 300k for Lyse any xp

Hi, I accept your offer DJ Korr Cr 0 xp, Lyse Teria Mt 0 xp, Alec Mt full, B Mappe Cr full and Sylth Cr vs my K. 0 xp and Memento any xp

sunday 26/04

Sold, thanks!

Good afternoon,

I offer K. 0 xp for 21M

I am looking for 0 xp and full:
DJ Korr Cr 10M/9,75M
Cannibal Jo Mt 8,8M/8,5M
Lyse Teria Mt 8M/7,75M
Guru Cr 6M/5,8M
Kiki Cr 6M/5,8M
Kerozinn Mt 5,6M/5,4M
Dounia Mt 3,3M/3M (Max 3)
Tanaereva Mt 3M/2,8M
#ymirah cr 3M/2,9M
Volkan Cr 3M/2,8M
Splata Cr 2,5M/2,4M
B Mappe Cr 2,4M/2,3M
Lady Ametia Cr 2,2M/2,1M
Marlysa Cr 2,1M/2M
Smokey Mt 2M/1,8M
Merweiss Cr 1,2M/1,15M
Lizbeth Mt 1,25M/1,2M
Lamar Cr 1,15M/1,1M
Caelus Cr 1,1M/1M
Spiaghi Mt 1,1M/,105M
Jackie Cr 1,1M/1M
Pericles Mt 1,1M/1,05M
GraksmxxT Mt 1,1M/1,05M
Vickie Cr 1M/950k
Tessa Cr 1M/950k
Blaaster Cr 950k/900k
Xantiax Robb Cr 800k/750k
Sylth Cr 800k/725k
Ongh Cr 550k/500k
Akrakk 450k/400k
Maana Cercei Cr 425k/400k
Charlie Cr 210k/200k

Not sure what your talking about or referring to.

saturday 25/04

Hey Everyone,
Looking to trade my DJ Korr Cr 0xp for 1 Cannibal Jo Mt 0xp (8M9) and 1 Spiaghi Mt any xp (1M1)

Well as you guys know, this K. card atm is going up and down between 16.9M and 24M, im actually willing to get the clintz or some good card offers so i can divide the Clintz value between many cards, not just one, so, just come with any fair offers and we can see if we can make this happen smiley

New list with new prices:

Rex Sweig (57k each)(max 85)
Sentenza (58k each)(max 31)
No Love (140k each)(max 41)
Nero (95k each)(max 18 )
Zaveli (60k each)(max 50)
Uranus (55k each)(max 20)

My lots 0 xp:
Madabook, 8k, max 200
Tortuga, 8k, max 80
#achn, 19k, max 35
Skipper, 11k, max 45
Wilkinson, 16k, max 10
Mamba, 15k, max 20

Looking for 0 xp:
Elya Cr, 650k
Tessa Cr, 880k
NDololo Cr, 300k
Lao Cr, 480k
Cassio Cr, 150k


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