thursday 11/11/2010

Buying for 150 clintz each pvt me buing any amount

Selling my sentinels for some clint (preferably) but willing to take trades of equal value.

Colby: 11900
Havok: 2400
Copper: 15000
Hawk: 5400
Miss Chloe: 1690
Owen: 1500
Chloe: 3800
Tessa Cr: 275,000

Post offers here or for a quicker response pm me. total value of about 317k

Good luck then smiley

Contact me in private

PM me offers, hopefully a bulk deal is available out there.

Ready to trade Serena for lvl3 Bryan or lvl4 Sung Tsu

What can u offer for my Sum Sam Cr Full xp ?

8 x Dagg 0xp for Ombre Cr Full xp ?

Trade done

thanks modsmiley

Write the name of the cards you’re looking for and write the price that you would sell her for. Thanks smiley

There you are my friend! Thanks. Add me

Close the topic.

wednesday 10/11/2010

I'm sure interested!smiley

I sell:

Graksmxxt -> 19,7k
Draheera -> 4k
Rolph -> 2,8k
Methane -> 2k
Toro -> 7k
All characters: 31k

other offers by PM

Looking to part with roughly 950K worth of cards/money for Sum Sam Cr.

Please PM me.

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