monday 08/11/2010

I buy all of your neloes for 670 each one

Nah,looking for somthing cheaper

Sold for 140k and Tanareva Cr.

Sorry about the repeated posts, didn't realize I'd be selling so many.

Kreen Cr for 19,650. Market price. Take it or leave it. I enjoy jokes as much as anyone, but anything classed as "begging" will result in a blacklist.

One copy, yes one copy, of Seldnor Cr for market price, at the current time 35,500 clintz! Take it or leave it, anything I classify as begging gets BL'd.

Jokers appreciated smiley

Title says it all. im looking to trade my 3 Cr's plus 15,000 Clintz for your Tessa. All Cr's are at Max Exp. looking for tessa at any level. Pm me for a faster response

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Sorry Sold For 6500 c
Close Plz

U have a hikiyousan.. interested?..

I want to buy a Tessa cr for 280.000 cz

Selling my full xp Hikiyousan for 11500clintz or negotiate price PM me for faster transaction

Close mods I got what I needed !! Thanks!

Buying dagg dregn mainly
dagg 17k
and dregn 24k

Still looking and i have 114k now!!

Please close mods, I was a bit wrong when looking at rowdy's value.

Miss Twice cr is out as i'll be using her for elo.
the rest is still up for trade

I can give you 13 maxxed terry cr

Looks like I'll need it, its all very nice having these Crs, but not many players are able to afford them. Therefore very very tough to sell. smiley

sunday 07/11/2010

Greetings. I'm looking to trade my Dalhia for a Marina and Jessie. Simple enough, no?

PM me if interested.

Could you just say which card do you have ?
Cause it's a bit hard to realize smiley

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