monday 08/11/2010

sunday 07/11/2010

Greetings. I'm looking to trade my Dalhia for a Marina and Jessie. Simple enough, no?

PM me if interested.

Could you just say which card do you have ?
Cause it's a bit hard to realize smiley

65k is not enough smiley
But good luck !

I am selling 3 characters from rescue, that i used in a prvious deck. You can buy seperatly or as a group.

Aurora - 8599 clintz
Krash - 235 clintz
Sledg - 3333 clintz
All three - 12050 clintz

PM me smiley

Offers including Lamar Cr, Splata Cr, Kerozinn Cr are favourable

I now have Marlysa and Tessa smiley


? and i only need 7 now

I want to have a vickie cr pls.

i'll give 110k clintz + seldnor cr + cassio cr

Thank you! smiley

Please close

Sorry for double post just put it in my private sales


Ok so the guilds Soul Stealers and the Unfound Effort

i officially have a problem with now since they dont raise up their members well smiley

a blacklist for all those people spamming my thread smiley

65k for miss twice cr

Its alrADY ON UR ps BRO

Ill trade 17 0xp terry cr's for 2kolos?
pm me let me know

Eh ok. What about i make this an auction instead.

@freak mgoo

i dont know i just bought that many

Ill trade my ottavia full EXP
to your edd full or 0exp

Ill add clintz

Um , no why ??
I Want a 0xp c beast smiley

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