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thursday 09/12/2010

8 chars is the very minimum it would be truly hard to have dregn besides he never bought credits in his life, to top it all he is a mod he probably can see some nasty things smiley lets just believe the mod

I'm looking for Tanaereva Cr. I'm offering my Alec Cr + 30K clints.

please pm me or post,

Thanks guys, you can close this up nowsmiley

Hi i trade Vickie cr for 3 jackie cr

If preferred,I will trade 142,597 clintz plus Diyo,Geuner,Vickie,x2 Ratanah,Whole Skeelz,Whole Vortex! It's even better I think,saves time.

Only a few hours left ...

Trading griezzo for prince jr, fabio and ottavia

I really need a Vickie Cr, badly.
So Im willing to trade 1 Kolos full, 1 Jackie full or more.

I trade my:




(I know, not exactly dorian's price, but I need him!!!)

Pls close thread mods. tnx. happy holidays ya'll.

To be honest, wait till the next release and he will be at his lowest, also your offer is more expensive then the market itself.

Save yourself the money mate.

My Jackie's are in ur private sales now smiley

Still have one more to trade, if anyone's interested.

I no longer need any non-CR cards except Vholt. And I *only* want them thrown in if its to balance out the price.

wednesday 08/12/2010

I will trade it for Kenny or Glorg+Nistarok
Or I will sell it for 11.k

Do you need any other pussycats ?

For how much will you sell 1 kolos ?

Correct PriM.

No Marlysa Cr here.


Buying kerozinn CR
will pay 155,000 clintz
pm me

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