friday 05/11/2010

TRADE TO YOUR Tanaereva Cr, or 1 Alec Cr + Clintz smiley
and sell for 43.5k smiley

I can now recieve pm's, nvm about what i said about preset, send pm for faster response

I'll do it for 100k clintz.

thursday 04/11/2010

Vickie cr, kerozinn cr, blaster and 50k.

This should close up since we already traded thx for good trade smiley smiley

I would like to buy one Jim Cr with "1 Dergn + 1 C Wing + 50k"

PM me

Already got it! Close, please.

Hmmm, this was 3 months ago? haha

I can offer 28 0xp terry cr and 100k for lamar cr preferably 0xp

pm me if your interested

thanks mods

Hi Everybody,

I want to trade my Splata and my Thaumaturge for Lamar Cr+ sth
or my two Crs + sth. for Tessa Cr.
I´m open for other trades, have some clintz and other cards!

Thx Mods(espiacally Artemis!)!

Last offer: kerozinn cr +250K smiley

Sell it in my PS 350clintz i'll buy fast

Hey I have a sigmund cr....offers?

What cards?

My shawoman cr to ur dragan cr & tessa cr. smiley

wednesday 03/11/2010

Lamar cr traded, need a plata 0xp ans swidz 0 xp

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