friday 17/09/2010

I am now looking for a hawk..
i will buy it for 1600 + Oyoh...

I will trade my Kreen Cr 0xp into a Geuner Cr 0xp!
no other offers Thanks
Please send me a PM when you axept

Thanks Mod´s

I'll trade my Tanaereva Cr for your Jackie (0exp) and Alec Cr (any level). PM me if interested.

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Kolos and dregn

I have Sigmund Cr+ 100 k clintz + lots of cards (no cr)

Buying Caelus for 17k asap XD

_Sage_ pm me since I can't pm you and lol getamac once againsmiley

I have some Smokeys for trade:

full xp Smokey for 10 Heegrn
full xp Smokey for 9 Deea
0 xp Smokey for 11 Heegrn
0 xp Smokey for 10 Deea

pm me if interestedsmiley

Got the cards - Lock please smiley

thursday 16/09/2010

Your Kreen + 7k for my Jay 0xp and Chiara 0xp. negotiable.

Ill take one in my ps for 70k

3000 for oflgn?

Bought two. Closed.

smiley no time wasters plz smileysmiley^

Hello everyone, looking to trade my Vickie Cr full xp + my Caelus 0xp for Kerozinn Cr. Negotiable.

Thanks mods for accepting the subject and everyone else for your interest, have a nice day.

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