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monday 22/08/2011

Can do this 4 times now.

cheers Destiny_3vo

(sell/trade) 2 kolos 75.000 each and 3 noodile 18.000 each. Pm me if interested.

Hi , I want card from the clan berzerker
i want : cortez elvis lola taylor beef

I have lot of card say me what do you have and what do you want

It´slow ... gl

On the market ace is at 440 ctz each now

It says u dont wanna be contact. i offer splata 0exp for your vickie

Trade my miss twice full for, :9 nodile 0xp
or lots. amyral cr , terry cr ,chikko cr smiley

This belongs more in General since this topic is for making deals, trades and auctions.

@Asian Republic

dont hijack other people's trade/sales thread. make your own thread if those cards are up for sale/trade


Who ever wants to buy bangers i have a good deal... if you have more than half the freaks and want to trade them with me for bangers i would appreciate it...

Vickie Cr
Tessa Cr
hyperlinks placed here for reference and the convenience of your potential buyers. You're welcome.

sunday 21/08/2011

Will also add an Ongh to the trade.. to bring trade value up to about 635k please if anyone is interested contact me

Draheera is now gone, but there are still are some nice gheist for a starting gheist deck or whatever you need them for. Message me whenever, I am on usually everyday but at different times.


Only worth a lil over 300k, I'll offer melissa for it lol

[BUY]Marty 0 exp at 300 clz per card.Leave them in my sales for small numbers and PM for large numbers for a possible higher price in trade.
Also my two 2 star 0 exp cards can be traded for one Marty 0 exp.Large numbers also possible.
2 star 0 exp like Negodz , Ula Wele etc.

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