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sunday 05/12/2010

Are you still interes ted pm me

Jackie selling for 68.000

Can i have sleam for 600?

I am currently looking for:

I have many cards to trade like Sakrohm cards for them smiley I am mainly looking for Kolos smiley

Give me an offer under market price

New offer 3 jackie cr 0xp +10 chiara full + 100 000 clintzs

saturday 04/12/2010

I'am now offering Kerozinn Cr (Worth 178,500) + Dregn (2nd Level - 500Xp) (Worth 28,000 Clintz) + Arno (0Xp) (Worth 3,200 Clintz) + Pyro (Worh 7,000 Clintz) For Lamar Cr, So In Total That's 216,500 Clintz & Lamar Cr Current Market Price Is 213,000 Clintz

I Am Also Offering Kerozinn Cr (Worth 178,500) + Tsubame (Worth 15,800 Clintz) For Splata Cr, So In Total That's 194,300 Clintz & Splata Cr Current Market Price Is 193,000 Clintz

I am looking for a full vickie cr. I offer Tanareava Cr, Jackie Cr, and Noodile Cr. I will also include or remove parts of a deal through negotiation

Please delete this thread. thankssmiley

Thank you primo smiley

I was changed the nahi cr in spanish forum

Close ive got 1

Still looking...
I add a shakra 0xp and a uranus full

Vickie Cr + 58 Lolly 0xp +15K

I change my marlysa cr for 680K or 61 Chiara´s + 5 graksmxxt´s.
Thanks mod´s for accept.

Buying each for 1k private sale me.

Below MP please.
currently: 1000is

Cloar please mod. Thanks

Got one already. please close the thread.
Thank you.

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