wednesday 03/11/2010

Just need one. Say, 8.2k? Pm me

No body will do that because when you sell the full skeelz clan on the market and by all la juntas there will be about 25k clintz left for buying another cards so it is much cheaper to buy as trading with you

Tessa Cr and Splata cr are gone

Looking for Nehema's Buying at 800 each, private sell to me and i shall accept it,



For cr...(es: nahy cr ... miss twice cr... + kerozzin cr....)

o clintz 213'000 clintz

tuesday 02/11/2010

Trading a guru cr 0xp + lamar cr + vickie cr. Send me an mp if interested

All cards bought.

Mod, u may close the thread.

thank you!

Sorry. i Do not need tanaereva for that low price =p

Avola, is 2400 in the market bro. I'll give ya 2100?

Vickie CR, lvl 3 0xp. + jackie + Vermyn N

I will trade Tanvanera Cr for Miss Twice Cr

But a serious offer? no ehhh smiley
and I would remind:
my Lao Cr 0xp for Lao Cr full + small additionsmiley

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