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tuesday 23/08/2011

I have caelus and dregn

Selling 26x of Hula
Pricing her at 1750 each at the market the lowest price is 1700as of now
19full 7 0xp

(trade) jackie cr for:
-2 robb cr+jane ramba+2.000
-2 robb cr+2 lola
-robb cr+6 jane ramba+5.000
-robb cr+7 lola+2.000
-12 jane ramba
-15 lola+4 k

I also accept Tanaereva+ cash or cards smiley

Update:I still have these cards-
Skeelz- Greem and logan

Nightmare: Arwaka, Nerfeniti, and timmy

Vortex- Butch, C Beast,Kronnen, Lehrg, Neloe,and Sunder

Junkz- Archie, Dreen, Keanew, Lolly, Onik,qubik, and veenyle
(message me still with your offers of any clan)

I forgot to mention, it's not for all of the cards I listed. I'll trade x amounts of Sunder for certain cards. Sorry for the confusion.

They've been sold!

This is done thanks mods smiley

Also trading


totaling at 28,400 clintz for


Total 28,900 Clintz (I will provide the rest of the clintz 630 clintz)

Heres wut i have:

Wee Lee
13 Neil (12 0exp, 1 full)
Jackie Cr Full

plus clintz if the market price calls for it. currently my offer is 195k, lowest tanaereva cr is 193k. so yeah smiley pm me

Thanks Mods for Posting

I want Cassio Cr can give Smokey Cr and 8000 Clintz

monday 22/08/2011

I'll offer:

2 Cortez 0xp
1 Taylor 0xp
1 Lola Fullxp
1 Fei Full xp

Approximatly 180k
I can full the rest with clintz

17k anyone?

Can do this 4 times now.

cheers Destiny_3vo

(sell/trade) 2 kolos 75.000 each and 3 noodile 18.000 each. Pm me if interested.

Hi , I want card from the clan berzerker
i want : cortez elvis lola taylor beef

I have lot of card say me what do you have and what do you want

It´slow ... gl

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