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tuesday 28/12/2010

10k, private trade works best
thanks mods

I am now looking for emma Yayoi Louise Selina or Charlie


I have:

Kobalth (2 full, 2 0XP)
Oflgn (1 full, 7 0XP)
Onyx (1 full, 5 0XP)
Eloxia 0XP
Greem 4 0XP
Sasha 0XP
Tomas 0XP
Zeke 4 0XP

I need:


monday 27/12/2010

Sorry forgot to say thanks mods need to be done by 12 noon today australian edst

Pretty good deal eh?

thanks mods

Well uranus is now 10k and rowdy is 13k so would you accept something besides rowdy?

Anyone ? ill buy right now if any1 got ?

Hey all, I'm looking for kerozinn cr, either 0xp or full but preferably 0xp. I can trade clintz and cards. I hope to sell her at around 165k - 170k.
PM me for a quicker response but I will be looking at this thread often.

Thanks mods smiley

Struck a nice deal , tnx people smiley

Sorry close this please

I offer

Jay 0exp
Sylth 0exp

15000 clintz

smileysmiley what is [ pm please ] I didn't understandsmiley

He wants reine cr for the 4 dregn

I have the clintz

Elite but i dont want that so i said no
Hangover no thanks smiley

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