sunday 12/09/2010

I only want c wing right now and im going to pay 3850 clintz for him the price is negotiable pm me with your offers

Buying Elliott - 150 clintz per head
Send me private and thanks

P.s. this one can be closed,thanks you smiley

Buying Dacotefor 850 Clintz. He can be any lvl. Pm me.....

It's of course possible, you can contact me for a negociation


I want to buy a Dwain Cr (0xp) smiley
The price on the market is very very bad.
We can see that the week's price is "64 664 Ctz", and on Zapatan, we can see that Dwain Cr is betwin 65 000 or 70 000 since few month ago.
It's the same price for a full xp.

So, my offer is: 70 000 clintz to Dwain Cr 0xp

Thanks mods and player smiley

My Tanaereva 0 xp for reine cr.

Common guys. I really need him. smiley

Mods plz close

Hello, I am willing to trade 2 Terry Cr and 1k of clintz for Emeth, thankssmiley

I know this is a lot to ask but can anyone sell me a kreen cr for 19 000 Clintz ?

Um , close plz

saturday 11/09/2010

7600 each to mirosslevv

Why do you want it 0 exp?

Hi everyone!

So, this is simple, i'm looking for Rosa, the more you get, the happiest i will be.
I've got lot of Clintz to spend, and i think than 1200 per Rosa will not be too low, knowing than i'm the lonely guy buying every Rosa on the Market (that's why the price is so Hiiiighhh sometime)

Thanks, you can call me in private message.
Good Weekend to you all!

I have 10 Nightmare cards that I'm offering for trade.
and Sheitane

I'd like to trade for ELO competative cards of relatively the same value (~33K) in Piranas or Skeelz. Please pm me with reasonable offers.

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