friday 29/10/2010


Raise a bit more and we can talk smiley

thursday 28/10/2010

Close please

Hi, wanna trade Marlysa Cr for 62.000 clintz and
2 Ombre Cr (1 0 exp)
Ambrose Cr
chad bread cr
Page Cr
diyo cr
Caelus 0 exp
If you are interested to trade your marlysa ,please send me a messagesmiley

thx mod smiley

Thanks mods, you can close this nowsmiley

I trade my Jane Ramba 0exp for a full Jane Ramba more a complement, it can be in clitntz or in some card.

500k anyone ?

TRADE to : 2 Alec CR or what ?
SELL : 44k EACH , 86k BOTH smiley


Hahaha . buy and sell lng XD

Buying burdock and arno for

Arno for 3.8kk
Burdockk 3.4k

Selling or trading armanda cr 0 xp for 750 000 cltz current market price is 720 000 for full xp pm with offers

Sold closing

Miss Twice Cr full lvlt for 100 000 clintz or Tanaereva Cr any lvl+clintz
(add to friends and leave a message)

I want nahi cr
pm me whenever u want

wednesday 27/10/2010

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