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friday 19/08/2011

Close please thanks mods

thursday 18/08/2011

My ambre full for your morhpun +12k?

I trade 10 Herman 0exp and 3 Pastor for your Robb cr!

Thanks mod smiley

@Strafe......as I just said.....my Martha's have already been traded smiley

I'm happy to take ur 0 for my full, no extra. Secure trade me if ur at all interested

Done, Please close, thx

I'm looking for any Piranas you have to offer. This includes Smokey Cr. I'm not too fussed about 0xp or full xp, I value them the same.
Cards I can offer are:
Rolph, Hikiyousan, Lulabee, Wee Lee and... *long pause*...the mighty Jackie Cr! All these cards are full xp.

Sensible offers, please. PM me for the fastest response.

Then nobody interested to this wonderful violinist? smiley

Hence the trade and not a straight market sale and buy.

I have a robb cr but instead of trade would you be looking to purchase he is max level

Done. Close please, thank you.

In my experience it takes a 0 exp djk + about 1.5m for guru and lyse... BUT it is very much worth it

wednesday 17/08/2011

8 fixit sold

I'm looking for Alec cr and Vickie cr, flexible price.

contact me in private


Cortez , Taylor , Kusuri , Zhu Tang , Zinfrid , Cassandra , Rolph , Emeth , Laura , Ray ,Jane Ramba , Ghumbo , Dalhia , Smokey Cr , Ditha , Noemi , Lea , Lou , Rosen , Shakra , Petra , Stella , Caelus Cr , Jackie Cr , Nellie , Rubie , Avola , Don , Ahkab , Kolos and Tsubame.All full for either Hawk or Rolph

Full xp copper for 2 full xp stella and one 0xp

Steve, C Beast, Jay, Dorian, GraksmxxT, Herman, Rubie, Logan, and Louise are gone

Don is gone lol
jessie gone
ace is going
marty is goning
drorb im looking to sell as a group so 300 cintz or drorb any one

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