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wednesday 17/08/2011

Im looking to sell my caelus cr for 84k not looking for card pm me if interested

@TiMM1,a lot in value to the card(s) you are interested in.
@ Lost, Looking for older cards not interested in hew cards except possibly Stella
@ duckman 41 Bodenpower too low, thank you

I have had several offers but none of what I'm really looking for. I do as close to fair trade as possible, so please don't send me lowball offers
I have 0xp Splata Cr as well.

All Cards are full unless noted:

12 Neil 0exp -----> 2.1k each

Buck -----> 7.9k
Hikiyousan -----> 13.8k
Lulabee -----> 4k
Miss Lulabee ----->2k
Serena -----> 7k

8 Taylor 0exp -----> 17k each

This totals about 196k. im looking to trade all these cards for a tanaereva cr. pm me for offers.

Thanks Mods for Posting

The market value is 150.000 but I will trade my Skullface Cr with other cards too! PM ME if interested!!!

tuesday 16/08/2011

No one interested? I have other cards, mostly 1 of each. I'll consider any offer

Card sold! This can be closed/deleted.

I have all the playable cards, I was looking for lower end cr's

I bought copper thanks.close subject

Sell Ambrose for 250 000 NOW! MP me

All I can offer s 250,000 clintz, 4Beef, 6 Gus and 4 Stiko (All my wealth smiley)

Please let me know if anyone is interested

Also, if you're willing to trade, I'm looking for Ghumbo, and Emeth...PM me if interested.

Dont worry Sparkz.
3 days is too long for me to wait for you to confirm a secure trade...
I hope the other guys has better luck.

I changed my Splata Cr smiley smiley, thnks for accepted my subject.

I wanna trade or sell mi melissa cr for 285k or cards
Like Kolos, Cotez, Kusuri, Stella, Pastor, Dorian, Zatman, Caelus Cr, Smokey cr, elvis, lola, etc

Fulldecks give you the most cards per credit. Since you are Senior, you won't get many doubles anyways.

Not 0exp he isnt

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