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tuesday 30/11/2010

Trading Elya Cr and 50000 clintz worth of good cards for a vickie Cr and a tanavera Cr

ummm. mods? You can close this.

Except for the fact that if you sell for 2400
2400- (2400x.05)= 2280

Pm me and we'll work out a deal

monday 29/11/2010

Still looking for Lamar Cr

She's Cr now. smiley Keep her and you could sell and buy 4 ghumbo jejeje

300k + marlysa cr full

Want my oshitsune for your ghumbo ? i would do that

I Can Get You All Of The Card you Want .... Except Alec Cr And Page Cr
All Else I Can Get
Pm me

You don't have to have all 80, even if you have one just send it to me through private sales (2500). I will buy for 2500 even if there under that price on the market.

If you want to sell i ask to put direct in my private sales

sunday 28/11/2010

Good luck with that.

I trade my Jackie full xp + complement for a Jackie 3*
I trade my Miss Chloe full xp + complement for a Miss Chloe 4*
I trade my Zatman full xp + complement for a Zatman 0xp

The complement is negociable in each case smiley

Come on guys, are there no lonley tanaerevas out there looking to join my blue man retreat.

I trade my Zatman full xp + Jody full xp for your Zatman 0xp


Got my elya Cr please close mods

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