sunday 24/10/2010

I"ll buy all cards for 1550

Close please admins

My splata full + 2000 cclinzs for u splata 0xp

if u are oki send it in pv

I Need
2 Chiara, 7800 ea
5 Sandro, 300 ea
2 Praxie, 7800 ea
2 Aylen 3000 ea
and 5 Danae... 400 ea

Ludmilla - 470
Praxie - 8700

I'm trading away my Zhang for cards I lack around her price. Looking for a Danae or Redra. Anyone willing to trade something more expensive would be much appreciated. PM me to offer.

Well 3 stars is ok sine it is kinda that price on the market for level 3

Oops sorry clicked too early, anyway do you want c beast for caelus or caelus for a c beast.

Yeah man, good luck!!

I have a lamar cr 0exp

What will you trade a Methane for?

Already got Miss Twice Cr (max)

I will trade for the tanaereva cr

Im looking for a 0 xp kerozinn cr.Will trade:

85k+5 baldovino(10k)+0 xp swidz(40k)+0 xp seldnor(30k)

which should equal 160k being the normal 0 xp price for kero.PM if interested.

And u have to purchase to sell card or maybe u don't need to if u've been playing for a while like a year ago or some thing

saturday 23/10/2010

Up... now i search only 100 liam and 61 redra smiley

In mi vp thankssmiley

I prefer mine smiley

Ill buy for 100

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