wednesday 03/11/2010

For cr...(es: nahy cr ... miss twice cr... + kerozzin cr....)

o clintz 213'000 clintz

tuesday 02/11/2010

Trading a guru cr 0xp + lamar cr + vickie cr. Send me an mp if interested

All cards bought.

Mod, u may close the thread.

thank you!

Sorry. i Do not need tanaereva for that low price =p

Avola, is 2400 in the market bro. I'll give ya 2100?

Vickie CR, lvl 3 0xp. + jackie + Vermyn N

I will trade Tanvanera Cr for Miss Twice Cr

But a serious offer? no ehhh smiley
and I would remind:
my Lao Cr 0xp for Lao Cr full + small additionsmiley

Good luck

Im trading 10 maxxed terry cr for 1 alec cr
i dont care what lvl

I'm looking to buy 2 and 3 star cards for about 100-250 clintz depending on the card

TY Mods

Buying allan for 139 clintz

I sell for 49l

Buying your caelus for 17243 clintz il try to make it 18k just give me by the end of the week..

I want dr saw
give him to me! (for 800 clintz)

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