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wednesday 08/12/2010

I am looking for a vickie cr and i am willingly to trade 94k and tan cr for her and i can add some other cards.Please pm or post. Thanks Mods.

tuesday 07/12/2010

270.000+miss twice + lamar + noodile for lao?

Wanda's worth alot now. esp at 0xp. admiral goes down as low as 4 and your is full. if you can think of a better deal, let me know.

Pm me quick! i cant message you

How about my Melissa Cr 0xp for your Tan, Jackie and Alec?

Please close i got what i want smiley
Thanks mods for help.

I lowered the price on the market to 215 000,
Make me a offer i can't resist

tnx mods

Nice offer. smiley

5,300 clitz brand new out a pack

Close tnx

Im looking for an alec cr please help me out i really need this, i have 48k p.m. me if ur interested and again please help me out

Already bought one

monday 06/12/2010

Thats a real real real good offer for a GUru smiley , UP

No, he didn't. He refused to. Just like I am.
This is not a post. It's a... er, mini-mini-manifesto.

I have all the freaks. what could you give me for them?

Buy all jackie for 68k just send me to private

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