tuesday 07/09/2010

Selling Tanaereva Full for 100k in cards or clintz..

I have a tessa 0 xp looking for trade for your full tessa + complement... pm me thanks

Please close mods!

Tanaereva cr 0 xp + 2 bryans for 4 jackie. my last offer. thanks mods.

Im looking for preferably jackies and zatmans but open to others

Hi everyone,

Im looking for some of the cheaper crs:
Seldnor cr
Cassio Cr
Swidz Cr
Diyo Cr
Page Cr
Geuner Cr

Have around 20k in Clintz (gave a lot of money for my Tanas and Kreens smiley) and some Bulks and Cards like
5* Baldovino 0Xp
some Kreen Cr
10* Piort, 6 0Xp
Greems, Caelus, Manfreds etc. ( no Jay and noch chiara)

Hope to get any responds smiley

Thanks Mods!


I'm trading Kreen Cr for a Kolos. I think that's equal...

Thanks! PM me with offers.

Please send pvt msg, thx

My bid is 3,700,000.

monday 06/09/2010

Selling Vickie Cr please place your offers here i dont accept trades

pm me for a faster response offers will be able to negotiate later on

All sold thanks for all the offers.smiley

Who is in your team?

Found close please

Ill give 3 kreen and a ongh for a tan man smiley

I am buying a Tanaereva, which MUST be 0exp for 90k. I am also buying a Smokey, fully leveled for 20k. I also have cards I can trade for these, so either post or pm me if you are interested.

I would like to trade my Ombre CR for a 0xp Vickie but other sensible offers will also be considered and can be negotiated. smiley

Thanks mods! smiley

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