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saturday 18/12/2010

28k for 1 dahlia 0xp?

Let's see if you get a better offer

Raeths are gone

Looking to trade Cyb Lhia for C wing.

pm please.

i have manon cr flavio cr aldebaran cr
what u can give me

BUYING 2pcs jay = 40k

32 Mawpin: 33000 clintz
88 Vince: 64000 clintz
62 Pan: 100000 clintz
Or all for: 195000 clintz

Thaumaturge Cr for your Nahi Cr

smiley thanks

1 million clints + 50 caelus + 5 jackie cr + 3 vickie cr 0xp + lamar cr + tessa cr + Ambrose cr + 10 graksmxxt + 20 zatman 0xp + globumm smiley

14 December has passed smiley

The 14th December has come and gone smiley

Done business.

pls close thread mods. tnx.

I have a nahi cr (full exp), noodile cr (full exp) and another noodile cr (0 exp) what cards would u offer?

I'm looking for a (xp doesn't matter) Graksmxxt

I guess I'll offer... 25k, or a combination of cards (undetermined as of yet) and cash
Yes that's cheap, but I'm not loaded with cash
Anyways, private trade works best
Thanks mods

friday 17/12/2010

Buying Wee Lee for 9,500 Clintz with full exp or not just private sale it if you deal on my price thx

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