wednesday 20/10/2010

0xp Katan
Mostly wanted

tuesday 19/10/2010

The title says it all,
Pm me for further details
thanks mods

I'm selling 16 copies of luba for 3.7k . To buy single 250

Are you interested by manon cr full?
if it's "yes" pm me

Hey dude !
You already did an other on my topic in the french section!

Current price is 6400. What's your new price?

I am putting up the crs and clintz in exchange for the 0 exp Manon

Good Luck on that Azreall smiley

Im sick of nearly leveling this card up, im not suited for 0xp Cr cards smiley

please offers

monday 18/10/2010

smiley thanks man... smiley

249k thanks!

249k pm me or private sell.. thanks

Close XD

New, last offer. 4,050,000 cash + 70 Ditha + 50 Vito.

39k each for kolos
9250 each for zatman
30k each for jackie
17k each for graksmxxT

Thank you! CLOSED!

Selling Jay for 20,000 clintz hurry and buy!!!smiley

I would like to buy several Hawk for 5k apeice.
If you have hawk and want to negotiate a price or just want to say youve dropped one in my sales I would greatly appreciate it! smiley

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