saturday 16/10/2010

I'm about to get my Amber smiley but i don't need her,so,I'll give you my Amber,At any level you chose, for:
Graksmxxt+Sigma+ Murry
Zatman + Nellie + Uranus+ Sigma
Zatman + Uranus+ Dorian
It doean't matter what level the cards are,I just want the cards!!!!!!
Remember,Any level you want!!!!!

WTB Marlysa Cr for 650k

I can sell Lulabee for 4K ( PM if interested )

Sold, close it pls

I propose 20 0xp lamar cr for general cr.
i can add more
only in MP

230 each 3.6k

But I guess you dont have the card any more?

I'm lbuying it for 4500 clintz. just private sell to me. thanks smiley

Hi, i'm selling my 25 sasha 0xp as a single lot, for the price of 2500 clintz each. (it may change due to market values)

Feel free to send me a pm if you are interested.

Thanks in advance.

Btw, PM me when you accept the offer, sell them to me for 25K. smiley
2k lower helps a lot. smiley

Close mods , thanks


friday 15/10/2010

How much would u want added with a guru... and how much with a lyse?

or how much do you estimate 100 jackie 0xp

Make me an offer i dont have too many not asking for too much of a discount..i have 50k atm...if that isnt enough please say a price and playy some dts and such to save
thank youu smiley

300k clinz the whole package.

Pm me for eventual negotiation smiley

I am looking to trade my Yayoi [max] Louise [max] and Peeler [max] for a Dregn [max].

Hope to here from you as soon as possible..
Thanks mods for publishing this thread smiley

I am looking for Guru Cr
I will trade it for cards, like Lao cr, sigmund cr etc.

Create a new subject if you want to sell Dragan Cr using [SALE] tag and mentioning the price you are selling at.

How much would you sell your Gil? in clintz.

Create a subject