thursday 14/10/2010

We can handel over price

Thanks smiley

C'mon nobody wants to earn 1,1 million clintz?

Will buy Kolos at any exp for 35K.

PM me if interested.


i trade caelus 0xp + 20k for a kolos any exp
thanks smiley


wednesday 13/10/2010

Close please

thanks mods

Yes what grapple says

Last deal I tried to do with you... you didn't have the card... Will it be the same ?

shayna and shann are gone, but I'm still looking for Nahi cr und miss twice cr...

Selling Kerozin Cr full exp for Ombre Cr + Terry Cr

True. thanks. got lothar now for a very reasonable price.

pls close mods.

17k is the maximum offer I can do.. smiley

Please offers

No it's not u can calculate if u wantsmiley

Sold mods plz close smiley


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