tuesday 12/10/2010

I am trading a Tessa Cr for a Elya Cr and 50 to 60000 clintz Pm offer thanks

I'm looking for a Jackie (preferably full xp, but either/or).
I currently have 22K clintz, and will buy Jackie with that, along with some other cards (NON-BULK) to equal roughly 28K. Post here, or PM me for faster response, thanks! smiley

Wahahhaha is anyone willing to sell it to me for 7k clintz? please... thanks

Mingau and ghaims, i'm liking the offers, looking for a bit more though. smiley

Raitei, i estimate it's still short by 300K.

Make that 110k plus tanaereva

Yeah i have Gabrielle and i want 2188ctz for her

I have already found 99 at this price, sitll looking for about 200 more

monday 11/10/2010

Pm me with offer pls

Pm me offer pls

Pm me with offer pls

Ok same deal without chad bread cr

my offer is negotiable

Sorry my computer messed up i mean't Kuei and candice for estalt and Nerfiniti

Pm me. I offer 600 000 clintz.

Thanks. Got what I wanted smiley. Please close this thread mod smiley

I want to trade my miss Twice Cr + 2 Dorian 0xp for a Jim Cr full xp


Terry Cr 205 0 exps
Some crs i like
Tessa Cr full exp(max of 1)
Vickie Cr 0 exps
Tanereva Cr 0 exps
Alec Cr 0 exps
Splata Cr(full exp max of 1)
.....and others

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