monday 30/08/2010

Up i offer up to 81K for miss twice cr

Selling Vickie Cr lvl 4 with no more then 150 xp for 124.5k thats 4.5k cheaper then current Pm me for sale

smiley U aGaIn LoL lEtS dO tHe TrAdE smiley

smiley LeTs Do ThE tRaDe smiley

Done smiley , Please lock the thread mods smiley

All plus 7500 clintz for sylth now.

sunday 29/08/2010

Forget it, I'll just market sell. Please close this.

I got some

What about lamar for 150 000

Please close, mods smiley

Selling my lamar for 150k wow cheap rite xD

Oh well thank you Artemis-EVO, but my 0xp copy has been sold.

Blaaster +1k for ur dagg (may negotiate a bit over this, but ain't got much more clintz)

Please close threads mods...everything is sold

Close thread please mods smiley

Close this please mods

190k smiley

@ chinesebrother

sorry, no thanks

anyone else?

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