wednesday 06/10/2010

Thank you Salva N smiley

I can add 100 000 clintz in card(map) of the style kolos jey ect jackie...

For the price(prize) really know that he(it) are low, but one never know smiley

For the precision of the list of the card(map) do not hesitate in me MP

It is too long to write everything on the forum smiley


Please close this thread as I have my Rass cr. Thankyou Moderators.

Anyone? XD lol on a related note would anyone sell me a Jane Ramba for 7.5k? please let me know ill do a trade if you dont want to sell but it has to be a trade for both of them or of equal value so let me know

tuesday 05/10/2010

Im lowering the price to 295 Clintz for each dreen

Im looking for:



z3r0 d34d

cyb lhya


c wing

Good Luck Mon Ami smiley

Guru's get sold for 4M most of the time, not sure how it is white trades =P
good luck finding a trade !

40 Angie Lvl 4 (various amounts of xp) for 0xp Alec Cr.

Offer is open to negotiation and can also include bulk of Stacey, Stanly and Baldovino if they are preferred to Angie.

Hey Friends,

i want to buy a Guru Cr for 3,6-3,8 Mio. Clintz Cash. If someone wants to sale, please told me. smiley

Buying jackie. i have 27k. please pm me for the price. if it's higher than my budget, i'll try to buy it as soon as i can. thanks

I give 26 mawpin for jackie. (0 exp or full)

Post ur offers* here

Ya know DBK we were guild members toghether but...

Nice profile picture

Malia and John?

10 000 = 10 cliff

I will be willing to buy Kolos for 35K (pref. FULL) and Ghumbo for 12K. i will be willing to trade Alec Cr (FULL) for both plus 6K if you are interested in Alec Cr, PM me i will sell for 53K or trade for any cards of equal or higher value (NO BLOCKS OF CARDS i.e. 300 Beverly!!!)

monday 04/10/2010

6000 -

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