friday 01/10/2010

thursday 30/09/2010

Okay I am going to make an offer only a fool would pass up on!!! We all hate Kate right?

Well not only will I cover the cost of you having to buy my cards at 50 Clintz each but I will also cover Kates 5% on the total market value of the purchase. EXAMPLE right now Splata Cr is selling for 164,000 Clintz so if you sell him on the market after Kate gets finished taking her 8,200 Clinzt you will walk away with 155,800 I will cover that 8,200 with aditional cards and also by trading Nahi Cr who is valued at 64,000 for a value of 60,000.

So in short I will trade you a total value 5% over market value. smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

In your private sales smiley

Ugh no thanks ill only take the 19 Terry Cr. Any more offers?

Close this, please? Price flux...

I already have that offer plus 2k miggy,and deea,Cwing and oflgn r already gonesmileysmiley

You already have your auction up and running on the Auction forum smiley

All the money I own atm for Ongh smiley
If u agree leave in my priv sales

Got both of them

I have him now...

Tanaereva Cr has been bought off the market. Thanks for the offers. smiley

Lamar Cr Full for the 15 Caelus.

Tessa Cr has been traded away. Thanks for the offers.

Please close this, mods. Thank you. smiley


Buying a Caelus for 15k. Please send sales if you're willing to sell it to me for this price. Thanks. smiley

How much do you mean by cheap?

I have Ryuichi pm me if you want to trade

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