thursday 30/09/2010

Tessa Cr has been traded away. Thanks for the offers.

Please close this, mods. Thank you. smiley


Buying a Caelus for 15k. Please send sales if you're willing to sell it to me for this price. Thanks. smiley

How much do you mean by cheap?

I have Ryuichi pm me if you want to trade

Your ongh + 4k for my jay oxp?

wednesday 29/09/2010

I would like to buy these cards for 10% less then the market price now.
Also if these card had 0xp aswell.

The cards i would like are:

Just pm with your lowest price that i could buy it for.

Milton is gone...jessica is left!!!!



Come on guys. Give Babs a break. smiley

Besides, it really is that hard to come around a card signed by a specific admin moreover form Fraggle.

And the card is already sold so that's the end of it. smiley

For 1.050.000

listen offerts of changes.

@Awsda: sorry I can not accept.


I sell my sum sam cr 0 exp.
I'm searching tessa cr, vickie cr, lamar cr, smokey cr + cards (cr or non cr) or money.
Thanks to the mods.

I am trading a Mona for a Blaaster PMme for if you want to trade

Will someone trade me there Tessa Cr for Vickie Cr and Tanaevara Cr and Hikiosan

Hello i sell my marlysa cr full for 650.000 clintz or 670.000 if you offer clintz+cards

thank modsmiley

3000 Clintz for each Petra 0xp. Put them in my Private Sales.

Tkanks smiley

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