tuesday 24/08/2010

1 tessa cr 0xp
5 vickie cr 0xp
3 lamar cr 0xp
2 nahi cr 0xp
8 smokey cr 0xp
1 marlysa cr 0xp
3 alec cr 0xp
4 chikko cr 0xp
All the rest are full.

Jf king.... this thread is almost 2 months old! Please contact busted brains and find out if he is still looking for these cards

Pm me your price

Will go lower if i have to

I'll buy them all.

Buying Glorg XU52 Oshitsune Z3r0 D34d Peeler smiley

Pwease make it cheap smiley

I would but i got none... So how you doin anyway?

What makes you think i would sell it for 28K when its currently 32?

Chlora is done.

Got everything I wanted close pleasesmiley

Your english is good! I hope you get it ! smiley Muey Beinsmiley

monday 23/08/2010

She's gone smiley
Market is miracle

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