friday 10/09/2010

Program Change: the auction ends now. Thank moderators can close this forum

2 000 Clintz.

I Want a avatar and im giving 2000 Clintz for it , i want a backround that looks nice with the picture, the cards i want on are either:

Eloxia ( Level which Best suits you )
Ray ( Level 5 )
Tomas ( Level 4 )
Or Ill Add 10 Jessica Full Xp if the avatar is your own.

And i wont give the cards and clintz out unless i like the avatar ( No point in buying it if i dodnt like it )

Thank you

No , sorry , close plz

"and" or "or"?

Sellimg a 3* oflgn at 6250, PM me if interested

thursday 09/09/2010

Buy my 3100 dependel SkrumxxT market has clintz lowest price will be 100

I have shawoman cr , but the prices are low please talk with me about sell in a higher price thanks u =)

For the attention of any mod, please close this thread as i have opened a more relevant and updated one. cheers

I'll trade you a tessa cr lol
Sorry for spam smiley

Depends how many Deea 0xp you have to sell me, the more Deea 0xp you have, they best I pay smiley

PM me smiley

I have clintz +

Z3r0 D34d
Kerry (2)
Selma (2)

LET me know if you are interested.

Thank you.

Full exp Marina
Thaumaturge Cr
1 Wee Lee
0exp- Ghumbo
0exp Kenny
0exp Mona

are gone too

and only trades and fair trades please

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