tuesday 17/08/2010

Yeah.probably he means 199 666 clintzsmiley

Selling the
Cliff - 2.8k
Pesth - 1.5k
Kobalth - 3.9k

And looking to buy the
Katan - 2k to 2.1k max
Bloodh - 5k to 5.5k max
Raeth ---- I got no clue XD

Shes full

And looking for Lamar cr + striker + marina

It's too expensive ;(

I have Z3r0 D34d and Louise Pm me and offer smiley

I need her to complete my decksmiley


Do u have Smokey Cr

No it doesn't it's always 5%
It looks more if you sell a High price card but kate will allways get 5 clintz in each 100 (5% of 100 clintz)

I now have Lilly
Sung Tsu

I want to buy a Gatline for 1.4k
and/or a Lost Hog for 2.k
if possible

Hi all,

I am buying Gertjan a roots common for 100 each. If you are okay with the price please put it in my private sales. Thanks

Sorry, but i had some cards in mind and if i sold it for 14k, then when i actually get the clintz it would be about 12k-13k

monday 16/08/2010

Buying Leviatonn, Toro, Draheera, XU52, and Anibal

I can buy them at market price, or if your nice below Market Price. Thanks guys.
Pm me or post here if you are willing to sell

I'll trade Sledge for Havok

@Shaka Zulu - My sincere apologies. I put them in your private sales at the wrong price. I will cancel them and resell at the price promised.

@YoUnGmObEr - sorry but they were promised to Shaka Zulu for 150K.

I would like to buy Vickie cr for 105 000 clintz

Reopening this as I have interest again. I can offer 585,000

I repeat nahi cr for 62300 and diyo cr for 29500

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