friday 13/08/2010

No bad comments o,o*

Id like to help but you gotta give me some time to get the shayna

Done, plz close thanks.

Close please:')

thursday 12/08/2010

I wanna buy vermyn N for 9.5k

1 nahi is at 0xp and both jims are full

The auction is over. Please close this . Thank you

I'd offer 17.5k for both

Already sold to jonzi

Raising my price to 9500

Hello i buy Sargh 0 xp smiley

220 / head smiley

Byebye and thx modérators smiley

That is very true @Ht_lolwhat
Doesn't matter though I've got onw

yea 3 kolos 0xp

Hi UR people ! smiley

Today I've got a Vladimir for you. A very playable card to use in any game mode if you're using a gheist monodeck, who really packs a punch for a low price smiley. I've got a 0 xp one and a full one, I get to keep one, you get to choose if you want it full or not.

I'd like to trade it for an All Stars card of roughly the same price ( I can pay an extra of up to 250 clintz if necessary), price varies depending on which of my Vladimir you want.

I can also sell it if it comes to that but since I'm trying to get started on making an All Stars deck trade I'd rather trade.

Thanks for reading smiley

There is a close button on your top right corner above where it says New! 3 Messages. Just saying...

You know. You can close the subjects yourself.smiley

Looking to sell a maxed out NDololo Cr for 700,000 clintz. Willing to work out a deal for at least 650,000 + cards equal to the difference. I play mostly on an iPhone so messages are the best means of communication for me. Thanks.

wednesday 11/08/2010

@ Liambex : have purchased him from the market @ 1250 c smiley

@ D00mreaper : I'm not good @ bargaining so PM me stating your price smiley

update : Looking for ...

Ed 12

thanks again mods smiley

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