saturday 07/08/2010

Buy her for 580K in clintz

Deea: 3 000 clintz
C Wing: 7 000 clintz
Dagg: 15 000 clintz
Cyb Lhia: 5 000 clintz

answer only if interested!
prices for each card are about 1000 clintz less than their market price.

I have enough cash to satisfy many people!
who needs quick cash has just to put those cards in my private sales for those prices and I'll buy them!

if you want to sell me 5 or more cards, contact me and I'll make a cumulative offer.

I prefer offers by PM


Maybe try french section

Im not selling for 200 clintz ! im tradin !

Unfortunately, your about 15k short according to market prices right now. And, unless you sweeten the deal a lot, it's going to be hard for you to get someone to come off a collector card.. Good luck

Please write the exact price you are selling for like Commoner asked you to and make a new thread smiley

friday 06/08/2010

Think hard, this is a very nice gesture, but they are not going to send you pm. They are going to do what Raykon has done, ask you what you've got, how much, etc, etc. Please post a new thread using this format. You can even add that you will only reply to pm's. Otherwise, list your cards and the prices please smiley
[SALE] + title
Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

Starting bid:500ea(15k)
reserve 650ea(19.5k)
buyout: 800(24k)

they are all full so i dont expect to reach buyout smiley
auction starts now and ends 8/8 @ 5pm(eastern)
bid increments of 50 atleast
happy bidding
thx mods smiley

Market seems to have an error saying the card is no longer available.... after you say yes... but you end up buying.

as a result i have 2 Page Crs. dont want 2. happy to trade for a 0xp Geuner or trade up for a Diyo or Seldnor (ill add the remaining clintz)

I cant do 3 things
i can give u murry and arshuga for oyoh
or murry for chiro
or arshuga For eyroton + 150

My last alec cr is sold, on my other thread i accidently said i got 1

The tan man and wee lee + 2000 clintz

private message me for quick response

this will end as soon as alec cr has been sold ( i only have 1 )

Would like to Trade my Tessa Cr for one of the following

Splata Cr + Nahi Cr


Splata Cr + Selsya Cr


Splata Cr + 60K

PM me please, respond faster

1450 ea (for the whole lot only)
will accept trades of 65k+
Please PM me, the first PM will get then

thanks Peter.

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