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sunday 10/10/2010

Looking for Serena for 12,000

Buy your Nistarok for 2500~
put it in my private sale

Looking for Kerozinn Cr i ll addd more cards lets pm me. thanks

Please close mods this was a long time ago

Need 1 lao cr @ 500 000 clintz, negotiable.

I sell it less than his price smiley

Looking to buy a hawkins for 7007 clintz

I will upgrade her for the clintz

Ok... no one wants Oyoh, fine! I'll keep him

It's done. I have Jautya now.

I upgrade her for you for a Dorian smiley

Willing to pay 10k clintz for them. Hopefully it can still be cheaper. Let me know thanks =D

Je cherche Swidz Cr pour 32000 clintz cash dans mes vp, merci smiley

saturday 09/10/2010

Hoping to get these 100-200 below market price. i am willing to trade my 0xp caelus for a few of these

cards im looking for are


pm me and thanks

I've got a big monkey, but i don't have banana, and i prefer music.
So, i'm looking for a DJ, but DJ alone, i don't want anybody with him.
I trade Kiki VS DJ + Cash (200 000).
Thanks !

My bad

both Vickies are full and im looking for around 320k or something close to that. Clintz only

My C Wing for Lovhak ... That's it I guess, anything pm me smiley

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