thursday 09/09/2010

I'm selling each of these Leader cards, fully maxed, for no more than 100 Clintz. I'll go as low as 50 Clintz for anyone interested.


Thanks a lot twars23 smiley

wednesday 08/09/2010

Thanks to the seller... Don't need him anymore...

Got a trade... close thread mods thanks prim... your the man!


I'm looking to buy a Tessa Cr for 195,000 clintz or less.

Please respond by private message if interested.

May a mod close this?Please and thank you. c:

B4 anyone says anything, i posted this b4 his price got to 14k, so don't go and tell me about how i'm putting the price too high, the trade offer will stand( compensation is and will be different), sale offer stands 800 below market after it have gotten above 17k again.

Thanks mods, I already traded the card, thanks.

Theyre on market for sale close this

I'm also looking for multiples of:
C Wing
Cyb Lhia

I've already got it...plzz close

680,000 for Marlysa Cr

85,000 for tanaereva Cr

It Sld Thank you , close plz

Hi all I'm buying 0xp Aigwon for 350 clintz each. Just put it in my PS

tuesday 07/09/2010

I'd give you 130 full xp Muze. Her current value is below 1000c but its still chanhing.

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