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friday 08/10/2010

I am looking for a Tanaereva Cr lower than market price.. 75k at most smiley

I am looking to trade my Vickie cr for your:
Tanaereva cr + full non cr ulu watu (rough cal. i think its like 48k) adn 25k
or Full non cr clans adding 170k in value

Thanks for your time, please PM me if you have any other offers i am not looking for bulk cards like 150 mawpin.

thursday 07/10/2010

I am looking for the three cards mentioned above smiley

But since im making a kick-a** deck on a budget i could need a little bit of help, and thats where YOU, yes you come in. I would love it if someone out there could make me an decent offer on one (or several

Ok i got a graksmxxt now all i need is a uranus. i will buy a uranus for 7500k, possibly 8k anyone?

I want a avatar picture of ofign lv 3 and the name mixofil under it sey your prise


I need 2 Beltran Cr for 63.000 clintz

Fang pi clang

xia leming

Jackie is gone. Thread closed!

Got what i wanted. Thanks.

Bump, i'm still looking for this card.

I will buy one for 35k 0exp or max exp i realy dont care there star lvl at the time i can train it my self its good for the exp to lvl up.

Deal is done.


Exchanged mod u can close the topic tkx

CLIFF 1000
RAETH 2000

No I'm only looking to trade/sell them all together

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