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tuesday 28/09/2010

I buy erika

8 Kolos left, 37000 clintz each!

Swidz Cr Full + Seldnor Cr 0xp + 10k

Im selling my
Dagg 3* =14k
Emeth full = 13,5k

please PM me
i need money fast

Mm how to close this thread
(i already trade my Caelus sorry )


Accepted AngeldeLeo's offer, mods plz close

A full xp weelee for 1050


(TRADE) My Kerozin Cr = Tessa Cr !

monday 27/09/2010

Im buying C wing for 3750 clintz, Just private sale it to me

Thanks mods

Remeber deck worth differs from deck's strenght, so don't thin u'll get something better just because it's more expensive, for example:
deleted is worth far more than urs, is it bette? not necessarly, all depends on your style of play, btw decks as this or urs are only good in DM/survivor, T2 room they are bad since if you want a tournament they'll give u little points, and usually the best is ELO since it's where (unless u do tournaments often) you can get the best rewards

Looking for dagg any xp, can go up to 12k clintz max.
Send by mail if interested, ty.

Looking for Either Jackie (Full XP) + Clintz or 15 0XP Avola

For a Dj Korr + 200k cash or crssmiley

tnx mods

Lol never gonna happen

I am selling a Nyema at 1699 plz buy my card i need the money fast

buy here http://www.urban-rivals.com/market/?id_perso=673

or pm me

thanks mods and sorry for making 2 thread i ment to do 1

Im Lookin' To Buy Some New Cr's, & Here The Prices Im Willing To Pay...

Swidz Cr-30k
Skullface Cr-55k-60k
Tanaereva (The Tan Man)-65k-75k
Chad Bread Cr-10-15k
Miss Twice Cr-70k-75k
Sigmund Cr-180k-200k
Kreen Cr-9k-13k
Lamar Cr-160k-170k
Also Lookin' For Bulks Of Lino Borsa All 0xp (100 clintz each)
Bulks Of Mort Bax All Oxp (105 Clintz Each)

Thanks Mod.

I am selling a owen for 1398 plz buy my card i need the money fast

buy here http://www.urban-rivals.com/market/?id_perso=716

or pm me

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