sunday 01/08/2010

3 at 0 exp....2 or so at some lvl and the remaining full

"Lolz only serious offers plz" This was directed to only Vladster007

Looking for 18 of them

I'll buy any askai for 1050 clintz. just put it in my private sales.
thanks mods.

Any more info contact me on urban rivlas

I´ll give 500k for marlysa cr....clintz, no cards, just a straight transfer

I am willing to buy GraksmxxT for 9500 Clintz. If anyone is interested, please reply or PM me.


GreekMalaga, I asked you numerous times to add prices to your cards. Please redo your thread and add the prices you are looking for, or which cards you are interested to trade for smiley

How to making a trade?? not sale.. i'm interested 'n curious..
need info.. thx..

No thanks. I could sell them individually and make much more.

pm me
Please don't post here I don't really check
Price is negotiable
Thanks mods

My Full xp Lao Cr For Marlysa Cr + Kerozinn Cr + 50k

Will sell you 1 maxxed for 12k

saturday 31/07/2010

Selling for 18000 clintz!

Sold...close this please

If you have a Selsya Cr also, I can trade my Reine Cr 0xp + Smokey Cr full for your Nahi Cr + Selsya Cr.

1 offer + 75k, she is worth almost 120k

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