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sunday 26/09/2010

What do u want for kolos

Paying 78,000 now. smiley

I don't understand as the people can think that this is too. I beg very little, there is a difference of 120.000 clintz and I beg only 70.000

Dragan Cr 300.000
Tessa Cr 190.000
Lamar Cr 160.000
Elya Cr 135.000
Splata Cr 110.000
Vickie Cr 120.000
Kerozinn Cr 110.000
Ombre Cr 110.000
Miss Twice Cr 70.000
Jim Cr 70.000
Nahi Cr 50.000
Alec Cr 40.000
Swidz Cr 29.000
Tanaereva Cr 60.000
Armanda Cr 400.000
NDololo Cr 500.000
Rass Cr 500.000
Sum Sam Cr 800.000
Shawoman Cr 450.000
Sigmund Cr 200.000
Berserkgirl Cr 600.000
Flavio Cr 400.000
Ambrose Cr 125.000
Beltran Cr 50.000
A Award Cr 50.000
Reine Cr 80.000
Aldebaran Cr 300.000
Skullface Cr 50.000


My Dragan Cr for
1. Tessa Cr 0 exp + 2 x Alec Cr 0 exp + 10k
2. 7 x Alec Cr 0 exp + 10k
Open to other negotiations but prefer these...PM me. or post here.(Prefer PMs)
Thanks mods

Please be good to me i just dont know anything to do anymore to get Kolos

BTW is full exp Emeth

PM me

Im willing to pay up to 75k

pm offers plz

Hey i still need cyb lhia and spiaghi

I can give you 100% collection, all no cr. and a vickie cr.

All gone

please close

Nevermind got one


my first auction


and about ten hours left on the time counter

get em while they are still cheap smiley

I Salute you, Prime.

Really? i'll trade it for all of them +1k sure smiley

Hi Guys!
I'm searching for these 3 Cr's
Vickie CR: 135.000 Clintz
Alec CR: 45.000 Clintz
Kerozinn CR: 145.000 Clintz

Plz send me a message when u wanna make a deal. btw the price is open to negotiation

My trade is also based on current prices at the time of posting. So if cards decrease or increase at the time, we can negotiate over the complement card.

Want to buy Adler for 500 clintz

I am trading my skeelz for crs. ALL my skeelz are 0 exp.

skeelz for trade are

Corvus x4
Sasha x4
Tomas x5
Aylen x2
Chiara x3
Manfred x7
Praxie x3
Dwan x6

the est. value of these cards is 168k. for the crs i am looking for i WILL add the difference in clintz. by either adding another caelus if needed or a lower valued card.

CRS i am looking for are

Elya Cr
Melissa Cr
Lamar Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Ombre Cr
Thaumaturge Cr
A Award Cr

Note: i have doubles of ALL skeelz not jus the ones i mentioned. i am mosty instersted in Elya Cr,Melissa Cr
Lamar Cr. also i am not trading my skeelz for jus a award so dont try smileyPm me if intersted.

saturday 25/09/2010

Close plz deal is done

Making the deal with meesters_TT, plz close

Got one jay looking 4 a 2nd. pm me

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