friday 30/07/2010

Sigma update 2700 each 75600

Anybody, I am interesting and open at any auctionnegotiation, thanks

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Sorry already sold

Ill buy it for 12k.
and also other junta cards. .
just pm me if interested

I need Elvira

Jus got her.smiley

Auction closed:
winner: Bash due to withdraw from Panda Bleach

please close this thread mods
thx smiley

Mod please delete this.

Fine 5.5k!

[BUY] Stacey @ 1,000 Clintz each.

I am looking to buy up a large amount of Stacey PM me or just put them in my private sales (do give me time to pay for them as I may not be online at the time) I will pay 1,000 Clintz for each Stacey.

I want 8k, 8.2k max.

thursday 29/07/2010

Ok cards have been sold to force cayman for 250 each
mods close please...thanks

Blaaster is 16k!!!

Leviatonn, Toro, Z3rOD34d, Draheera, Rolph, Arkn, Briston, and Methane.

Under market price please

Yea there not cheap half are over market price

I#m intrestet in Jay, have Oshitsune, pan and glorg to offer!! also some clintz, if ur intrested write me a pm with a good offer!! smiley

Now im looking for katan and i still have jeeves and zlatar

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