wednesday 18/08/2010

I want to sell my Lao Cr for 780k
i want to trade it for Marlysa Cr + 185k

thank you

tuesday 17/08/2010

Got one. Please close. Thanks guys! smiley

C Wing - gone. Ghumbo Aquired.

New trades

My 8.5k + card(s) below for your...
Wee Lee
Vermyn N

My 11k + cards below for your...

Cards below
Harold, Kobalth, Oflgn, Cyb Lhia

@Sadow Strike - He is buying cards not selling them. Sigh, why are there people who misunderstand the simple concepts of Buy, Sell and Trade. smiley

Im looking for a vermyn n somewhere around 9 to 10k if anyone is willing to sell it for around that price please pm me or leave a comment

Willing to pay 23k for smokey cr , thank you smiley

Yeah.probably he means 199 666 clintzsmiley

Selling the
Cliff - 2.8k
Pesth - 1.5k
Kobalth - 3.9k

And looking to buy the
Katan - 2k to 2.1k max
Bloodh - 5k to 5.5k max
Raeth ---- I got no clue XD

Shes full

And looking for Lamar cr + striker + marina

It's too expensive ;(

I have Z3r0 D34d and Louise Pm me and offer smiley

I need her to complete my decksmiley


Do u have Smokey Cr

No it doesn't it's always 5%
It looks more if you sell a High price card but kate will allways get 5 clintz in each 100 (5% of 100 clintz)

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