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tuesday 21/09/2010

Please use the Stratey and Tactics: General forum smiley

For alec cr if they are 0exp then ill trade 10 for 1, 21 for 2 and 32 for 3

I'm willing to trade Mona, Donnie and Gianfranco for Praxie and Corvus. PM me if you're interested or post here.

I have nerfeniti dietier eadh and aLMOs t all of the nightmares pm me if your stil intrested in anything

Mober can u at least answer me?

Don't have much clintz and will add some if helps

It's ok for the deal ombre cr for your Tana 0xp +Nahi cr smiley

monday 20/09/2010

Hello I am looking to puchase Tessa CR and/or Lamar CR

Tessa CR - 240k
Lamar CR - 180k

Please PM me if anyone is interested in selling.

Thank you

I would like to purchase a Vickie CR for 131k clintz smileysmiley send me a pm

Dealt away as part of a deal for Kiki. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest.

Hello i am looking for kiki cr
For that I can put 5 million of clintzs
or another with various cr can be
thank you contacted me here or by mp

thank you to the moderators

Come on... that's not an auction ! it's a sale ! I should already have Tessa Cr in my private sales at 240k just as the subject tells it ! ...
Read rules ! smiley

22 deea 0xp

62k cash only

I have a phyllis please close mods.

I'm trading various cards for Charlie
ex. Oyoh Lennox ...

PM to negotiate

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