sunday 15/08/2010

I have Ongh

I have


what you offer

Dude, Olga is worth 600 more than Clara right now

What copper levled up ur not

I would like to trade my dorian for your toro.

saturday 14/08/2010

Mods plz close this thread


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I sell you emeth for 14.5k and splosh ok

Can i buy it 5.8k smiley

Or 20k plus a card

Buying Nahi Cr for 58,500 please, pm me if you will.

Thanks Mods

As the title says, I'm looking for tanaereva (any level)
I'm offering:
-3k clintz or any card of your choice worth 3k clintz

If you are interested, post on this thread or send me a private message for a quicker response.

Thank you Mods

Sorry got a better offer


Lol.. thnx wind! raeth's card is cool but not the mouse xD

Please this sale is going to end in 2 hours]

I look for ghumbo.
I have 5000 Ctz and Z3r0 D34d

I only got emeth jane ramba mono and toro and zatman and kennysmiley

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