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saturday 18/09/2010

Ill take her for 5050

Greem - 50k to get started

Im selling him for 49.5k.
or trade to dregn+complements or some cards

Rass cr for 750 k or trade for
tanareva cr, kerozinn cr,tessa cr(all full exp)

Wilhem is sold

Buying all Redra 530 each


This is the avatar I want. please add


Thanx for all the people working on my avatar the avatar that
catches my eye the most will get an awseome prize

I Tried to pm you and we were about 2 make a trade and then you either blacklisted me or you now do not wish to be contacted !
Umm im still interested in that trade. Your Ombre + Kerozinn For my lamar + 60k .
Is it still on ??

Close plz

Thnx meboy

Yeah u aint answering my pms either

Wrong forum. Only if you won the auction the card will be sold to you. If you were the highest bidder.

Ill buy him from u for 20k. pm me to negotiate, i have cards too.

Jackie ain't goin Cr. There is a little Cr. Called Lyse Teria.

friday 17/09/2010

For 6k and 8k respectively. Negotiable. Need a few more days to fund both cards.

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