thursday 22/07/2010

1000 mac hen smiley

I will sell my charile to you for 50 clintz to be nice

I would like any card for 300 clintz or lower pm me if you want to sell i card to me below 300. I would love a kolos for 300 clintz if you have many kolos thanks!!!!!!!!!!smiley

He wants to BUY the card, not SELL it smiley

Lock please smiley

Mods, please close bought caelus

After buying 4 Titanium Boosters i recived multiple Rolph for my GHEIST/Nightmare Deck. Too bad i already have one. I am looking for any Draheera and will trade a LVL 2 Rolph.

Good Things to Get here !

Starting bid 75 clints each
ending bid 200 clints each
reserved bid 170 each
bid ends july 24 7:00pm

thanks mods for posting

Sold. Thanks, but this can be closed.

@ TCGA smileylease read post 6: 'the only cards i do not accpet are: Ongh / sylth / askai / adler'
Also read post 3: 'for this offer i am not looking for clintz'

thanks mods

Sorry mods, but i went ahead and leveled her up. Please close this subject and I'll start a new one.

Mods please closesmiley


Want to buy Griezzo for 2300, just put it in my private sale.

Umm don't know what you are talking about. But if you aren't making an offer then don't post.

Anyways I bought the card already, so mods please close

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