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saturday 09/10/2010

My C Wing for Lovhak ... That's it I guess, anything pm me smiley

I trade vickie cr 0xp + 2 zatman 0xp + 17k by a lamar cr 0xp mp me please thanks (:

You have already put your cards up for auction, this thread is unnecessary smiley

I messaged you, i guess my offer isnt good enough????

I wanto to trade my lyse teria cr full for a general cr full!


I want to buy Lowhak for 2958 clintz+1randy+1ashigaru(lvl4)


I'm pretty sure I can get one for 29.5

It's ok for me

my kérozinn cr for your : smokey cr 0xp + tanaereva cr + 50k

contact me for exchange

Any lvl

Post your offers (No silly offers)


Thanks. Got what I wanted. Please close this thread.smiley

friday 08/10/2010

Or i can offer 32,000 for Swidz Cr

Please PM me your specifications. Those are just examples. smiley

Ill buy ur tan man for 80k meg me plz smiley

I am willing to buy Caelus for 15-16k
I know its lower than his price at the market right now, but i hope i can find someone that willing to sell his/her Calus to me smiley

Thanks for all smiley

There is some mod here? smiley

That is a bad trade =P thats 33k in difference

The sale has been updated slghtly. Charlie has ben sold to Mystic Ranger, but under unforseen circmstances (thanks, sis smileysmiley), Taham is now Level 4. Ideally, this should not affect my orignal price, but because of this blunder on my part (should've been guarding my computer more carefully), I am willing to be flexible with Taham.

Here's the kicker. If, in fact, you would prefer that you receive Taham at full level, the flexibility offer is null, and the sale price will be no less than 4000, but if you want it at the Level 4 mark, name your price, or if you've already named a price and want to change it, that is also acceptable.

Currently, the highest offer is 3.6 K courtesy of Mystic Ranger.

You know the deal. Leave a post or PM me with the details of your offer.

Got Britany, Muze and Yayoi.. Pm your offer..

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