wednesday 11/08/2010

I need to sell 2 , 3* caelus 16k each and please buy now , i need the money!!!!!!

Candy Jack-137
Pm me

Looking for Vermyn N for exactly 9,000 clintz just leave a comment or pm if your intrested


Aigwon:Maxed out 500 clints
Chwing:Maxed out 820 clints
Cley:Maxed out 595 clints
Damian:Maxed out 990 clints
Danae:Maxed out 400 clints
Deebler:Maxed out 240 clints
Sandro:Maxed out 250 clints
Zeke:Maxed out 540 clints

Also throwing in a Jessica,Liam, and Milton all maxed out for extra 100.

I'm looking for a Jim Cr (full or 0xp) to trade with my 3 Chad Bread 0xp.
PM me if interested.

tuesday 10/08/2010

I have ongh and nahema now and askai now onto

Ya thanks man

Thanks Every 1

Hmm then I close thread and get Lyse Teria Cr for the General since someone already offered to me. Thanks for info, I will come back soon. smiley

Hi @all

i want to trade 4 Smokey Cr (Full xp) for your Vickie Cr or Kerozinn Cr ( maybe i would also add a few clintz)

if somebody is interested pls pm me

thx @ mods

Got her close please

Close pls

Please make a new thread, listing the cards with the price you want to sell for smiley

Thread can be closed as business has been concluded

Nar there both about 5k good trade, plus chiara will drop like a stone if she doesnt become the skeelz cr

1 DECEMBER? 2008? 2009?

Caelus (16,8 k x 6)= 100,8 k + copper full ( 11,45 k) + ongh 0 exp (22k) + 25k ( cash) = 159,250 it's a good offer

Sold all and close plz

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