wednesday 21/07/2010

I made a deal with MasterGTX.
Now i regret having posted this.

Close the subject thanks.

Close pls

I have her , but not for this pricesmiley

I've got Yookie already

tuesday 20/07/2010

I am buying doctor saw from gheist as cheap as possible please havn't got too many clintz left =(

Surely someone out there is looking for the fat and mighty Sum Sam smiley

I think i'll let ryder take this one, the rest of the missing cards add up to about 40k excluding rass cr

This thread can be closed i bought all the cards!

I wanna cancel my bid of it is over the market price already...

Don't worry I'm sure justice will be served

Make other offers too......I am especially interested in these cards.
I may also have a couple of Wanda s more

I am looking for an eklore and praxie.. I will give you vholt and 1k!
PM me if interested

1100x Taljion x85 jackie ( 0xp ) for trade or sell .

sell :

1100x Taljion = 1 mil clintz
85x jackie ( 0xp ) = 2.2 mil clintz

the trade will be for any Kind of Cr as long the offer is fair ill take it .

Hi. I would like to buy the following Sentinels, at the following prices.

Dragan Cr, 400.000
Tessa Cr, 205.000
Melvin, 6k
Rick, 400
Swidz Cr, 35k
Aurelia, 350
Katja, 1k
Klaus, 300
Melissa Cr, 250.000
Skullface, 65k

Just sell them to me, and I will buy them

I would like to trade 10 baldovino and 1 eyrik for 20 mawpin, please PM me if you are willing to trade, i can add more if you would like

thanks mods!

Hey guys i want to trade my 0exp Aldebaran Cr for a full exp Aldebranan + (50k or alec cr)


I have 282 copys of krash
i also have a Ndalolo cr 0xp

180 0xp krash
102 max lvl krash
post how many u need . complety open to any trades . just give me a PM
and we can work something out
thanks smiley

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