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wednesday 15/09/2010

As always prices fluctuate so I'm willing to negotiate. smiley

Please close

Ow, thats a good trade !, wish i had a guru =P

I am willing to buy Havoc for 2150 clintz, i know its lower than prizes at the market , but i need him right now

Thanks all smiley

Hi Everyone,

im still lloking for a higher valued cr, like vickie cr or kerozinn cr.
I can offer:
Whole Skeelz clan except: Chiara(Im sorry smiley),Jessica, liam, Sasha, Tomas
execpt deebler on lvl 2 all are 0xp Value: 55-60k
Copper 0xp 14k
30k clintz
whole jungo clan
Kreen cr and Tanaereva cr 0xp or full
can also offer cheap little bulks like 10 Sentogan or 50 orlando
If you want to trade but some of the cards seeming useless for you, just ask me for other cards smiley

Thanks to the Mod!

papa Loukas

tuesday 14/09/2010

Excuse entendi bad smileysmiley

Google trad...
Go back to your own message board if you can't speak english.

I am willing to negotiate a little but I am looking to get a 0xp Nahi Cr I have a Dregn and a Tomas or Clintz and a Tomas to exchange with. smiley

Looking for a Corvus for 4k,pm me if your willing to sell

Ill buy the full bunch and pay you 15k smiley

Lol good luck

If I had Raeth...

Got him. Thanks all.

125-130k clintz, negotiable.

I m selling my Sigmund Cr Full xp for 275.000 clintz cash quickly, PM me if you are interested..
Thanks mods .

Up up up up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,offerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsmiley

How much will you give for my melvin?

Need all vortex please

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